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Warsaw Harbor. Pavilions on Cypel Czerniakowski. Why closed? When is the opening?

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It was supposed to be home to Warsaw sailors, canoeists and other water sports enthusiasts. For now, it is only a port for security guards guarding empty buildings. The Warsaw marina on Cypel Czerniakowski has been undeveloped for almost four years. The city will spend over two and a half million zlotys on shifts in seven wooden pavilions.

The pavilions look aesthetically pleasing. Although they vary in size, each has wooden walls, large windows and a sloping roof. They are scattered irregularly in the forest on Cypel Czerniakowski, such a layout was due to the desire to save as many trees as possible. This ecological sensitivity was also emphasized by the use of materials from the city guard barracks, which stood a bit further away (the state made it impossible to move them in full, as originally planned).

Pavilions among trees

The pavilions at Zaruskiego Street were to be the base of the more and more dynamic Warsaw water sports community – seat of associations and foundations, garage for boats, kayaks and other units. There will also be a hardware store, gastronomy and accommodation rooms. The whole thing seemed to be well thought out and implemented, but it was never granted an occupancy permit. The construction supervision and sanitary inspection had reservations concerning, inter alia, no mechanical ventilation and no separation of rooms in buildings. There is no permit to this day, the buildings are fenced with a metal fence that cannot be entered. In the Board of Zielenia, we ask when this may change.

– The Management Board of Zieleni Warszawy commissioned the design documentation and construction and finishing works of Przystania Warszawa, which began in mid-July this year. They cover all the works necessary to be performed in the facility, including the installation of ventilation – informs Adam Przegaliński from the communication department at the Board of Greenery. When asked about the detailed scope of work, he corresponds to: – Construction and finishing works in Przystań Warszawa are carried out in the field of architecture, electrical installations, plumbing, central heating and ventilation.

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Amendments for millions

And links you to the bidding documents. And in them you can find, among other things, a several-page list of commissioned works, minor and serious, with about a hundred items. How long will they take? – The contractor has six months to complete all seven buildings of Przystań Warszawa. The aim of the construction and finishing works is to obtain an occupancy permit for the facility at the end of the first quarter of next year. After obtaining the necessary permits, the ZZW will start work related to the preparation of the facility for lease, announces Przegaliński. Then there will be a competition for the host or hosts of Przystania Warszawa.

The construction of seven pavilions (one is double, hence the number eight in the media) cost 7.4 million zlotys. The amendments will consume an additional third of this amount – at least PLN 2.6 million (the tender included an option for additional work for 340,000, but we did not receive a reply as to whether officials used it). They are realized by the Profiklima Stanisław Gajlewicz company.

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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