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Warsaw. Hazardous waste in Wołomin. Meeting at the ministry

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On Friday, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Climate and Environment between Deputy Minister Jacek Dekora, the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection and representatives of the Wołomin office. The topic was thousands of liters of hazardous waste that lie in the commune. There are no specifics yet, but the ministry is to analyze the possibilities of financing the disposal of waste.

As we reported on tvnwarszawa.pl on Tuesday, there is 16,000 to 20,000 liters of hazardous waste on the plot at Łukasiewicza Street in Wołomin. Flammable substances and substances that may form explosive compounds in contact with air are stored in plastic and metal packaging. Many of them are in poor condition.

The cost of removing the landfill is estimated at PLN 200 million. The local government is unable to find such an amount and appeals to the central authorities to act in the “crisis management” mode.

Already in May this year, the mayor of Wołomin, Elżbieta Radwan, alerted that the commune was affected by the “plague” of illegal waste. She informed about at least several cases of illegally dumped garbage in several towns in the commune, also at Łukasiewicza Street. The Ministry of Climate and Environment became interested in the problem when a press conference at the landfill was organized by a member of the Civic Coalition, Jan Grabiec. It was attended by Deputy Minister Jacek Dekora. The meeting with journalists turned into a political brawl.

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After the interrupted conference, Dekora promised the secretary of the Wołomin commune, present on the spot, a meeting regarding the landfill. The deadline was set for Friday, July 28.

Conclusions from the meeting of the authorities of Wołomin with Deputy Minister Dekora

– The meeting was held in a constructive and substantive atmosphere. It was attended by Deputy Minister Jacek Dekora. The chief environmental protection inspector was also present. We could present the real situation – said Małgorzata Izdebska, secretary of the Wołomin commune, after the meeting at the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

At the meeting, photographic documentation of the landfill commissioned by the office was presented. – We are in dialogue. We have arranged another substantive meeting with representatives of all services that can help us solve the problem – noted Izdebska. The next meeting was scheduled for August 7.

– Now we analyze what is on the table. I am pleasantly surprised by the scale of the minister’s interest – emphasized Elżbieta Radwan, Mayor of Wołomin. “I hope that this will be followed not only by words, but also by deeds. The minister instructed his employees to monitor the possibilities currently available to the ministry and its subordinate services in order to finance the possible disposal of waste, Radwan said.

“The minister said it could be a trial, which worries us a bit,” Radwan said. But she admitted at the same time that the meeting took place “in an atmosphere of constructive dialogue”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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