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Warsaw. He announced that he had dynamite in his luggage and the holiday turned out to be a failure

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He was supposed to go on a holiday trip to Morocco, but ended up staying in Poland. – A 48-year-old Pole's journey to Oujda was complicated by an ill-considered joke about dynamite in his luggage. In addition to not being allowed to board the plane, the man was also fined, said the spokeswoman for the commander of the Nadwiślański Border Guard Unit, Capt. SG Dagmara Bielec.

The incident took place on Thursday at Chopin Airport. One of the passengers announced that he had dynamite in his luggage. He was immediately isolated from other travelers and identified, and his luggage was thoroughly checked.

– The 48-year-old apologized for his behavior, admitting that he had made an unfortunate joke. However, due to the offense committed, he was subject to a fine and, unfortunately, he was also withdrawn from the cruise and from passport control, Bielec noted.

The guards appeal not to joke about bombs and explosives, as every signal of a possible threat is immediately checked. This involves initiating appropriate procedures, which may result in disruptions to the operation of the airport, delays in departures, as well as sanctions in the form of a fine and loss of the plane ticket.

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