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Warsaw. He appropriated a Porsche worth PLN 500,000. He didn’t want to give it back

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The owner of a leasing company reported to the police officers from Mokotów. He had a problem with a customer who did not want to return a Porsche 911 Targa 4 worth PLN 500,000.

A report of the car being stolen was received by the Mokotów police station. The owner of a leasing company reported that the lessee had been paying installments late for a long time. “The owner called the customer to return the vehicle, the 55-year-old did not care about it and continued to use it” – said Iwona Kijowska from the Warsaw II District Police Headquarters in a message.

The police officers dealing with economic crimes began to act. They determined that the vehicle is most likely located in Białołęka.

The car was recovered by the policeKRP II

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“He explained that he was the user of the vehicle”

The police found and seized the missing car. “The 55-year-old Porsche driver explained that he was the user of the vehicle, but it was lent to him by a friend who is also the owner – added Kijowska. The car was returned to the owner.

The officers remind that according to the Penal Code, anyone who “appropriates someone else’s movable property or property right is subject to imprisonment for up to 3 years”.

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Police officers from KSP detained two people suspected of stealing cars (video without sound)KSP

Main photo source: KRP II

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