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Warsaw. He cheated the self-checkout system and bought tomatoes at the price of apples

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A 45-year-old man, while paying for purchases in one of the discount stores in Praga, cheated the self-service checkout system and bought tomatoes at the price of apples. His behavior was noticed by a store employee. The client's dishonesty landed him in police custody. He faces up to five years in prison.

On Monday, before 11 a.m., police officers from the Intelligence and Patrol Department of the Praga Północ police station intervened in one of the discount stores in connection with the arrest of a dishonest customer.

He peeled off the label and paid

– The saleswoman reported that she noticed a man removing the barcode label from tomatoes and then paying for purchases at the self-service checkout. The customer's behavior prompted a quick reaction from the employee. There were no tomatoes on the receipt the man showed her, instead there were apples at a much lower price, explained Commissioner Paulina Onyszko, spokeswoman for the North Praga Police Headquarters.

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The store manager confirmed that the man knowingly cheated the system. By doing this, he wanted to save PLN 36 and thus exposed the store to losses. – Ultimately, the man's plan failed. The police had no doubt that a crime had occurred, detained him and took him out of the store in handcuffs, said Commissioner Onyszko.

Investigators questioned store representatives about this case. The materials they collected provided the basis for charging the 45-year-old with computer fraud. – The man faces a penalty of three months to five years in prison – the policewoman emphasized.

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