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Warsaw. He decided to drink beer in front of the guards. When he ran away, he fell into the bushes and lost the “crystal”

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A man approached the intervening city guards and started to demonstratively drink beer. It would probably have ended only with a ticket if he had not started to run away and drugs had not fallen out of his pocket.

The city guards received a report of a disturbance at Żurowskiego Square on 11 Listopada Street. At the scene, the officers found three people who smelled of alcohol. “The people sitting at the table were checked for ID because they were calm and instructed not to disturb the order,” the city guard described in a statement.

The officers' intervention could have ended there, but in the presence of the guards, a young man approached the table, picked up an open bottle of beer from the ground and demonstratively began to drink from it. When the officers noticed, the man began to run away.

White crystals fell out of his pocket.

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The escape ended in a rollover. “He fell into the bushes and fell over. When the guards were helping him up, the man tried to take something out of his pants pocket. As it turned out, it was a bundle of aluminum foil, inside which there were white crystals (this is the form of methamphetamine – ed.). The 24-year-old resident of Praga-Północ stated that these were drugs that he received as a gift from a friend,” the city guards added.

The man and the bundle were handed over to the called police patrol.

Main image source: Warsaw City Guard

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