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Warsaw. He drove a scooter onto a pedestrian crossing, right in front of the car’s hood – recording

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They were driving a car when a man on an electric scooter entered the pedestrian crossing. The driver wasn’t going fast, but he had to brake anyway. There was a three-month-old baby in the car. – The man riding the scooter completely ignored us – emphasizes the author of the recording we received at Kontakt 24.

In the video we received on contact 24, you can see how a man on an electric scooter enters the pedestrian crossing right in front of the approaching car, not stopping in front of the lanes. The situation took place on Friday afternoon, on August 1st in Warsaw. – We were driving less than 50 kilometers per hour with a three-month-old baby in a car seat. A man on an electric scooter entered the pedestrian crossing unexpectedly and at high speed from the pavement. Reflex allowed us to brake and the situation did not end with an accident. The more so that the driver behind us also barely slowed down and stopped right behind our trunk – reported Katarzyna, the author of the recording.

A man on a scooter entered the pedestrian crossingContact 24/ Kasia

“He didn’t apologize, he just moved on”

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“The man on the scooter completely ignored us, didn’t stop, didn’t apologize, just kept going,” the woman said. She added: – I understand that it was a pedestrian crossing, but no pedestrian will enter the lanes as fast as a scooter, so the chances of the driver braking are much smaller.

– I have the impression that people driving these devices often do not think about what they are doing, do not take into account other people participating in the traffic. This time, it ended up scaring our child unnecessarily, but it seems to me that this topic is worth raising and publicizing to make people think, because here there was really close to a serious accident – stressed Katarzyna.

A man on a scooter entered the pedestrian crossingContact 24

It is forbidden to cross the pedestrian crossing

in May 2021 new regulations for electric scooters and personal transport devices (UTO) came into force. There is a provision in them that prohibits scooters from crossing the pedestrian crossing.

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The introduced regulations also do not allow more than one person to be on an electric scooter or UTO. You cannot drive it after drinking or use your phone while driving. The age of a person who can ride an electric scooter has also been clarified. To drive it by persons aged 10 to 18, it is required to have a bicycle card or a driving license of category AM, A1, B1 or T. For persons over 18, such a document is not required. On the other hand, children up to 10 years old can ride an electric scooter only in the residential area, under the supervision of an adult.

Contact 24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Contact 24/ Kasia

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