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Warsaw. He hid documents “for collateral” in the suspended ceiling, and drugs in the apartment

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Criminals in Śródmieście arrested a man suspected of possessing a large amount of narcotics. The drugs were spread out on the counter in the kitchen, and in the hidden ceiling, the police found driving licenses and ID cards that could be a “pledge” for the drugs taken – said the spokesman for the downtown police, sub-inspector Robert Szumiata

Police officers entered the apartment, which allegedly contained a large amount of drugs. – The criminals entered the action when the 30-year-old was leaving the premises and immediately began the search. In the kitchen, on the table, there were bags and bundles made of aluminum foil, including marijuana, amphetamine, mephedrone, ecstasy tablets, four telephones and a scale for portioning drugs, described Szumiata.

Five IDs, four driver’s licenses

He added that the police found and secured almost 600 grams of various types of narcotics. – But that’s not all, criminals found a hiding place in the suspended ceiling, and inside it there were five ID cards and four driving licenses. The police suspect that the documents could have been left as a pledge by people supplying the 30-year-old with drugs, the policeman pointed out.

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Further investigation will determine how the detained man came into possession of these documents and whether they were used to commit other crimes. The 30-year-old was arrested and drugs, telephones and documents seized as evidence in the case.

Charge and arrest for a 30-year-old

– The man, in the investigation conducted by the District Prosecutor’s Office of Warszawa Praga Południe, has already been charged with possession of a significant amount of narcotics, for which, in accordance with the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, he is liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years. The court has already decided to pre-trial detention for three months, summed up Szumiata.

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