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Warsaw. He locked the dog in the car and went shopping

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City guards were informed about a dog locked in a car parked near a shopping center. The dog's guardian was shopping at the time. The officers didn't break the window this time, they did it differently.

On Thursday, city guards from the 4th Regional Department received a report about a dog locked in a car in a sunny parking lot. After arriving at the square in front of the shopping center, the officers found a Toyota car and confirmed the presence of a dog inside.

No open window and no access to water

As the officers report in the press release, the car did not have its windows open and the animal had no access to water. Fortunately, it was already late afternoon and the sun was not so strong. However, the dog's behavior showed that he felt discomfort. The officers decided that there was no need to break the window in the car door, but they immediately contacted the shopping center security, who started broadcasting a message through loudspeakers summoning the driver to the vehicle.

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“After a while, the owner appeared next to the car and had an educational conversation. The driver was clearly embarrassed, apologized for his behavior and promised that he would never do that again. The numerous observers of the intervention thanked the guards for their help in warm words,” we read in the release. the capital city guard.

“Let's not be afraid to react”

City guards remind us that a stationary vehicle left in the sun turns into an oven.

“By leaving children or animals in closed cars, we expose them to a direct threat of loss of health or even life. Let us not be afraid to react when we witness such a situation. In Poland, the law of necessity applies, which protects people acting in the name of defending life, including: a child inside a hot car from legal consequences. This law applies to both people and animals,” they emphasize.

How to break a car window?When you see a child locked in a car, first call the emergency number. If it is necessary to break the window, it must be done so as not to injure the child. tvn24

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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