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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Warsaw. He parked in a flowerbed. ZDM issued an invoice

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A BMW driver won’t get away with destroying the greenery. For leaving the car on a discount, the Municipal Roads Authority collected almost PLN 6,000 from its insurer. “Justice has been served,” road workers sum up.

In March this year, a BMW driver parked in a discount on Francuska Street. The destruction of greenery was reported by, among others, association of Saska Kępa residents, appealing to ZDM for intervention. Then the road workers announced that they would try to ensure that the thoughtless driver bears the consequences.

Guilt and punishment

“Justice has been served – the driver who destroyed the flowerbed in Saska Kępa suffered severe consequences!” – road workers wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

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“Today we can announce that the entire amount intended for repairing the damage, i.e. PLN 5,967, has been returned to ZDM from the perpetrator’s insurance,” they said. In practice, this means that the driver may pay a higher car insurance premium in the future.

“We hope that this expensive lesson in parking in compliance with parking regulations will give the punished driver something to think about, but will also discourage others from such behavior,” added the road engineers.

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Main photo source: ZDM

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