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Warsaw. He ran down a policeman during the intervention. “Then he carried it on the hood of his car”

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On the way to work, a policeman noticed a fight between two men in the street and decided to intervene. One of them did not respond to orders, so he stood in front of his car and took the place of his passage. However, it did not cool the emotions of the driver. – The man moved, as a result of which the policeman was hit and transported about 10 meters on the hood of the car – reports the Warsaw Headquarters.

On his way on duty, a policeman from the Road Traffic Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters noticed a fight between two men in aleja “Solidarności”. The policeman decided to intervene. It turned out that the man driving the Mercedes attacked the driver of the smart. – The policeman came to separate them, informing them earlier that he was a policeman and giving his data – officers from the Warsaw Police Headquarters report.

– Unfortunately, the man who attacked the smart driver did not react. He started calling out to the policeman, then got into his Mercedes and tried to drive away – the policemen describe the incident. And they emphasize that even showing a service card did not help.


“The policeman was hit and taken on the hood of the car”

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– Then the intervening officer blocked the way for the 48-year-old, standing in front of the car’s hood. It also did not cool the emotions of the Mercedes owner. The man moved, as a result of which the policeman was hit and transported on the hood of the car – police officers add. The driver stopped after about 10 meters: – Then the policeman took the car keys from the 48-year-old.

The policeman informed the operator of the Warsaw Command Post about the incident. While waiting for the patrol to arrive, he found that the 48-year-old driver of the Mercedes attacked the smart driver, because he forced the right of way into the traffic and almost caused a collision.

The policemen from the patrol, who arrived after a while, detained the 48-year-old for an active attack on a policeman while he was performing his official duties. The man has already heard the accusations; minor bodily injury and active assault on an officer, for which he may face up to 10 years in prison. The man was placed under police supervision.

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Main photo source: KSP

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