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Warsaw. He said he was carrying optical fibers. There was illegal alcohol in the back of the truck.

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A delivery van driver stopped for inspection in Warsaw claimed he was carrying optical fibers. It turned out he had over 750 liters of illegal alcohol in the back of his van.

During a patrol in the vicinity of the Western Railway Station, police and municipal guard officers noticed a Volkswagen delivery van. The driver's driving style raised suspicions that he might be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It turned out, however, that the 35-year-old resident of Białystok was sober, but he seemed very nervous.

“When the policewoman asked what was in the cargo hold, he replied that it was optical fibers. However, there were five-liter bottles of colored liquid in the boxes in the cargo space,” the city guards reported.

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152 bottles containing illegal alcohol

The shipment consisted of 152 bottles with a total capacity of over 750 liters. After opening one of them, it turned out that they were filled with alcohol.

The driver could not say much about the cargo. He claimed that he had undertaken to transport the goods from Podlasie to a recipient in Mazovia based on an advertisement. “The transported cargo was secured by the police, who will check whether a crime has been committed,” the guards said.

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Main image source: Municipal Police

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