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Warsaw. He screwed up a new premium car. This is how a 14-year-old wanted to release his anger after a heartbreak

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Police officers on night duty in Warsaw’s Mokotów district noticed an angry teenager who attacked a new Lexus. The 14-year-old kicked the rear door of the car. He explained to the officers that it was a reaction to a love affair. The teenager was drunk.

“A young boy, only 14, torn by emotions after a heartbreak, ran to a randomly parked car and, wanting to release his anger, kicked the rear door of the vehicle. Unfortunately, he came across a brand new premium car. The losses were initially estimated by the owner at an amount of nearly PLN 15,000,” said Deputy Commissioner Ewa Kołdys, spokeswoman for the Mokotów police.

He spent the night in the Police Children’s Home

As if that wasn’t enough, as a result of the sobriety test, it turned out that the teenager had more than the permille of alcohol in his blood. He spent the night in the Police Children’s Home.

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“The complete set of materials regarding the vandal case, carefully collected by police officers from the Juvenile Affairs and Pathology Department, will be forwarded to the Family and Juvenile Department of the District Court for Warsaw Mokotów. The perpetrator may be placed under probation or even placed in a correctional facility,” the policewoman noted.

As Assistant Commissioner Kołdys added, the court will ultimately decide how the 14-year-old will answer for the act committed.

“We appeal to parents to supervise their children more effectively. We need to constantly raise the awareness of young people. It is about the threats they may encounter, as well as respect for the law, as well as the inevitable responsibility and consequences of the actions committed,” the policewoman concluded.

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