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Warsaw. He stole a defibrillator from a bank. He wanted to sell it to a pawn shop

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Police officers from Warsaw’s Śródmieście district detained a man suspected of stealing a defibrillator. Life-saving equipment was stolen from one of the banks. According to the police, after committing the crime, the 35-year-old tried to sell the device in pawnshops, but none of them wanted to buy it.

The police investigated the theft of a defibrillator that disappeared from one of the banks. They identified a 35-year-old man from Ukraine as the perpetrator. They detained him at the railway station.

– The police also established the exact course of events on the day of the theft. None of the bank’s employees or its customers noticed how the man pulled the defibrillator from the wall and left the building with it. The 35-year-old visited several pawnshops along the way, wanting to sell the device, but he was sent away from each of them “with nothing,” describes Robert Szumiata, spokesman for the Warsaw I District Police Headquarters.

The police detained the suspect at the railway station KRP Warszawa I

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He left the “loot” in the shopping mall

Unable to sell the defibrillator, he got rid of it, leaving the equipment in a nearby shopping mall. – The man claims that on the day of the crime he was under the influence of drugs and does not remember everything he did – said the spokesman.

The 35-year-old has already heard the charges and pleaded guilty. The Penal Code provides for up to five years in prison for the crime committed.

Main photo source: KRP Warszawa I

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