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Warsaw. He stole pumpkins from the kindergarten garden, returned them the next day

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Pumpkins were stolen from the garden at one of the kindergartens in Włochy. They were to be used to make gifts for Teacher’s Day. Apparently, the perpetrator’s conscience was disturbed, because two days later the vegetables were abandoned in front of the fence of the facility. The case was described by “Gazeta Stołeczna”.

Children from a kindergarten in Włochy have been growing their vegetables in the garden for many months. As part of the educational project, they cultivated tomatoes, cucumbers and celery. There are also handsome pumpkins in the garden. Therefore, on the Teacher’s Day, the children wanted to prepare pumpkin cookies for teachers and kindergarten employees.

Pumpkins were stolen from the backyard

According to “Gazeta Stołeczna” just before the holiday of education, on Wednesday, October 13, the pumpkins were stolen. – On Wednesday around 4 p.m. the pumpkins were still in their place. We looked at them with the children and talked that tomorrow we would finally be able to collect them. Unfortunately, after 5 p.m., when I left work and passed the garden, the pumpkin was gone – told “Stołeczna” Mrs. Malwina, a teacher from a kindergarten in Włochy. As she pointed out, stealing the pumpkin was not difficult. It was enough to reach over the garden fence.

Ms Malwina described the story of the theft on one of the neighboring groups on Facebook, which touched the local community. Lots of people offered to help. They wanted to buy and bring pumpkins to kindergarten so that the children’s efforts would not be wasted. Employees stated that they appreciated the willingness to help, but did not accept the offer.

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An important lesson, also for children

Two days later, there was an unexpected turnaround. Mrs. Malwina called the editorial office of “Stołeczna” and informed that the pumpkins had been recovered. During the morning round, the caretaker noticed that the stolen pumpkins were lying behind the fence by our garden. When I later came to work, a group of children ran up to me and shouted that “we have our pumpkins!” – the teacher told “Stołeczna”. She also confirmed that the vegetables found near the fence were certainly the same ones that her charges had been nursing for the last few months.

While this is a happy ending story, there are also important lessons to be learned from it. – The most important thing is that his (the perpetrator – ed.) Conscience moved him, and I regained my faith in people. The children, in turn, received another lesson. They saw that you can correct your bad behavior and it is worth doing it in order to become a better person, even though each of us errs from time to time – said Ms Malwina.

In this particular kindergarten, the celebration of Teachers’ Day will be slightly delayed. The kids will bake cookies on Monday.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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