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Warsaw. He threw a brick at the ambulance while rescuers were helping his baby. Judgment

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A man who attacked paramedics while helping his child in March this year was sentenced to three years in the “therapeutic system for addicts”. In Warsaw’s Praga district, a 28-year-old threw a brick at an ambulance.

As Joanna Adamowicz from the Warsaw-Praga District Court in Warsaw informed us, the verdict in this case was handed down on August 17.

– The defendant was sentenced to a total of three years imprisonment for the alleged acts, and the defendant will serve this sentence in the therapeutic system for people addicted to alcohol and intoxicants, and psychotropic substances – Adamowicz said. – There was a ban on contacting the victim, the obligation to redress the damage caused by the crime in favor of the Ambulance Service, partial compensation for the harm suffered in favor of ambulance drivers in the amount of PLN 15,000 – she added.

He threw a brick at the ambulance. His baby was inside

Let us recall: the attack on the paramedics took place on the night of March 22-23 on 11 Listopada Street. As we were told by the Warsaw police, paramedics were helping a child who had a fever. During the examination, when the mother and child were in the ambulance, an aggressive and drunk man approached the vehicle. At some point he grabbed the brick and threw it at the ambulancewhich caused, among others damage to the windshield and the direction indicator switch. Then he left the scene. The losses were estimated at PLN 8.5 thousand.

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Police after a few days the police detained the 28-year-old, who – as it turned out – was the father of the child. The search was made difficult by the fact that he did not have a permanent place of residence. He heard the accusation of damage to property and exposure to the immediate danger of loss of life or serious damage to the health of the ambulance driver. As reported by the police, the man then pleaded guilty to the alleged acts.

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