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Warsaw. He trapped a fox in a trap

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City guards from Ekopatrol received a report about a fox trapped in a cage in allotment gardens in Gocław. It turned out that a wild animal disturbed a man who keeps pigeons.

In recent days, city guards from Ekopatrol have received information about a fox trapped in a cage in the allotment gardens in Gocław. The reporting person was waiting for the officers at Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego Street and pointed to a plot of land located in the middle of the complex.

– In the fenced area, we saw an adult fox that was trapped in a previously set trap. The owner of the plot breeds pigeons and claimed that the fox was stealing birds from him – explains page Joanna Fabrycka, who carried out the intervention.

The use of traps for wild animals is prohibited

City guards remind you that the use of traps for wild animals is prohibited and punishable. “Farmers should therefore ensure good protection of their livestock, instead of using devices to capture wild animals” – they add.

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The rangers made sure that the fox had no visible injuries and did not require the intervention of a veterinarian. They called the police. After contacting the hunter, they released the animal into the wild.

The police will follow up.

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