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Warsaw. He wanted to bribe the policemen, he gave PLN 200 for “coffee and dinner”

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The police stopped a 43-year-old citizen of Kazakhstan for a road check. It turned out that the man did not have a driving license. He wanted to give the uniformed officers PLN 200.

The incident took place at Kijowska Street, when a police patrol was checking the driver of a Volkswagen, a citizen of Kazakhstan. A breathalyzer test showed that the man was sober but did not have a driving license. – The police determined that the 43-year-old did not have a driving license – explained Paulina Onyszko from the Warsaw VI District Police Headquarters.

He took out PLN 200

– Together with the 43-year-old, the police went to the police car to prepare the necessary documentation from this inspection. The man convinced the uniformed officers to “let them go.” He offered to buy them coffee and lunch, then took a PLN 200 banknote from his pocket and placed it between the front driver’s seat and the armrest, Onyszko said.

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When he learned from the police that he had just committed a crime, he became aggressive. He was handcuffed and taken to the police station. There it turned out that a few days earlier, the 43-year-old had also been detained by the police and charged with using a forged driving license during an inspection,

Charges and police supervision

The man has now been charged with providing financial benefits to police officers in order to persuade them to violate the law and refrain from taking official duties towards him. The prosecutor placed the 43-year-old under police supervision. He could face a sentence of one to 10 years in prison.

The man will also be charged in court for driving without the required license.

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Citizen’s arrest of a drunk driverKPP Piaseczno

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