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Warsaw. He wanted to steal an expensive bicycle from outside the metro station. He was noticed by city guards

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The attention of city guards was drawn to a man hanging around an expensive bicycle at one of the metro stations in Targówek. When he was asked about his documents, he showed the police confirmation of his arrest.

City guards patrolling Unicka Street in Targówek noticed a man who was tampering with a branded bicycle left at the back of the entrance to the Trocka metro station.

“The man tried to drive away, and when he saw that the bicycle was blocked, he moved it to a block of flats on a neighboring street,” the city guard described the incident in a statement. The guards approached the man. He admitted that the bicycle was not his property. However, he assured that someone else must have picked him up from the metro station.

He showed the police confirmation of the arrest

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The officers asked the man for documents. They were surprised because the only document he had with him was the police confirmation of his arrest. As the guards emphasized, it proved that this was not the first conflict with Polish law for the 46-year-old foreigner.

A police patrol was called to the scene and the man was handed over to them. He was captured along with the bicycle and taken to the police station in Targówek.

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Main photo source: Warsaw City Guard

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