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Warsaw. He was driving a car and at the same time “quickly emptying a beer bottle”. Driver stopped by off-duty police officer

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A police officer stopped a man who was drinking beer and driving a car at the same time. The breathalyser test showed over one and a half per mille. The 65-year-old faces two years in prison.

As reported by Iwona Kijowska from the Mokotów police station, during his time off duty, a policeman from the Warsaw Police Headquarters, while going to pick up his son, noticed a man sitting in a parked vehicle. “Behind the wheel of the Skoda sat a driver who drank beer from a bottle. After a while, the man started the engine and drove to the streets of Mokotów. He drove through several intersections and continued his journey,” Kijowska described in the release.

The test indicated more than one and a half per mille

The man continued drinking beer while driving. He didn’t know that he was being watched. At Obrzeżna Street, the policeman prevented him from continuing his journey and informed the duty officer about the situation.

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“The 65-year-old was detained and subjected to a sobriety test. The test showed over 1.5 per mille of alcohol in the body” – said Iwona Kijowska. She added that the collected evidence “will allow the man to be charged with driving while intoxicated.”

The 65-year-old faces two years in prison.

Main photo source: KRP II

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