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Warsaw. He was repeatedly listed and wanted. Now he’s back in jail for refusing to pay for the razors

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A 10-year prison sentence is facing a man who police describe wanted to steal razors. Security guards tried to stop him. – Then there was a struggle between him and the employees, finally the man used pepper spray – says the spokeswoman of the Wola police station.

The incident happened a few days ago in Wola. – A man entered the store who crossed the checkout line without paying for the goods. Security staff reacted to this. Then the man, in order to keep possession of the razors, would snatch and yank at them, hoping to escape. In the end, he used pepper spray on the bodyguards – says Marta Sulowska, spokeswoman for the Wola police.

He added that security guards caught the man and alerted the police.

Listed many times

The 38-year-old was arrested and brought to the police station. – After checking the police databases, it turned out that the man was repeatedly listed and wanted by law enforcement agencies, he was twice in prison – describes Sulowska.

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Investigators gathered evidence. In the Warsaw-Wola District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, the suspect was charged with robbery theft acting in the conditions of recidivism. At the prosecutor’s request, the court imposed a three-month pre-trial detention on the suspect. He faces up to ten years in prison.

Activities regarding the proceedings are conducted under the supervision of the Warsaw-Wola District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

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