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Warsaw. He was returning from vacation in Turkey, policemen were waiting for him at the airport

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Police from Praga Południe detained a man who was returning from vacation in Turkey at the airport. As the spokeswoman for the district headquarters points out, the 38-year-old was surprised and pretended that he did not know why the officers were interested in him. However, they quickly refreshed his memory and recalled the events of last year. The man heard nine charges.

– It was five o’clock with minutes, the Warsaw airport, operational policemen of the Property Department and officers of the Airport Police Station were waiting for the landing from Turkey. There was a 38-year-old suspected of numerous catalyst thefts on board. It was the law enforcement officers who were waiting for him, reports a spokeswoman for the Police Nadkom in South Prague. Joanna Węgrzyniak.

The policewoman admits that the man was extremely surprised when he saw the officers: – The 38-year-old did not expect that the holiday in Turkey would end in a police cell. At first, he even tried to pretend that he had no idea why the policemen were interested in him. The operational officers, however, thoroughly explained and reminded him of the events from the last quarter of last year, in which – as evidenced by the collected evidence – he took an active part. It was about the theft of catalysts.


Policemen at the airport detained a suspect in the theft of catalystsNPC VII

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Follow-up to the February case

As specified by nadkom. Węgrzyniak, the policemen knew that the man had nine such crimes to his credit. – In most cases, it did not work alone. The detention of the man is a continuation of the Wawer case from the end of February. The local patrol officers then arrested the 31-year-old and 38-year-old after the theft. Their car had a recently cut catalytic converter, and the driver was wanted and had no driving license – explains the spokeswoman for the command.

The police established that the men had committed many similar acts in Warsaw and the surrounding towns: – the 31-year-old heard two charges and was placed under police supervision, while the passenger was presented with 10 charges of theft of catalysts from our headquarters. The court placed him under pre-trial detention.

Officers continued the case and obtained more information. Based on them, they selected another suspect. It was just a 38-year-old detained at the airport. – The fact that he did not participate in the incident in February did not mean that he would avoid responsibility for his previous actions. However, detaining him was not easy. Property department officers continued to take further actions – emphasizes Węgrzyniak.

In the end, however, it worked. The man has heard nine counts of theft and faces up to five years in prison.

The 38-year-old heard nine counts of theftNPC VII

Main photo source: NPC VII

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