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Warsaw. He was riding a stolen bicycle, which attracted the attention of the police. He has been stopped

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A strangely behaving cyclist drew the attention of police officers in Warsaw’s Ochota district. When the man saw the police, he sped up and did not respond to commands. When he was arrested, he couldn’t explain where he got the bike. It turned out that a few minutes earlier he had stolen a two-wheeler from a block of flats at Aleje Jerozolimskie.

The attention of the policemen on Białobrzeska Street was drawn by a strangely behaving man traveling by bicycle. He sped up when he saw the officers. He did not respond to commands. He was stopped at Sękocińska Street after driving several hundred meters.

– The 35-year-old was unable to explain the origin of his bike. He claimed that he borrowed a two-wheeler from a friend who works abroad. With the suspect, uniforms secured scissors used to cut various types of security. The findings of law enforcement officers led to one of the blocks at Aleje Jerozolimskie – described staff sergeant Jakub Pacyniak, spokesman for the Ochota police. He added: – It turned out that a few minutes earlier the detainee had stolen a bicycle standing in the stairwell. The owner did not manage to notice the absence of his two-wheeler

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“He has committed similar crimes in the past”

The man was transported to the Warsaw III District Police Headquarters. The next day he was charged with theft. The 35-year-old has committed a similar crime in the past. His fate will be decided by the judiciary, the policeman said.

Proceedings in this case are supervised by the Warsaw Ochota District Prosecutor’s Office.

The police also appealed to ensure that property left in public places is properly secured. – Use solid and proven security. Let’s pay attention to people staying without a clear purpose in the vicinity of our residence. Let us inform the relevant services about any disturbing situation – stressed Pacyniak.

Main photo source: KRP III

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