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Warsaw. He was wanted. He fled from the police in a car

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The police wanted to detain a 23-year-old man for inspection. The driver started running away and ended up crashing into a tree. It turned out that he was wanted by the court in Łódź.

– Police officers driving down Gwiaździsta Street noticed a car driver who did not have the required lighting. The officers decided to stop the driver for a road check. Despite using light and sound signals, the man did not want to stop. While fleeing from the police, he hit a tree and then started running away on foot. After a short chase, the officers detained the 23-year-old, said the deputy inspector. Elwira Kozłowska.

The 23-year-old was wanted

During further activities, it turned out that the man was wanted by the court in Łódź and had to serve a sentence of 2.5 years. The 23-year-old was placed in police custody.

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A policeman with a detained manKRP V

– After collecting evidence, investigators from Bielany charged the driver with failing to comply with the order to stop the motor vehicle. He will also be responsible for causing a collision, the policewoman said.

The man faces a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. The activities in the above case are supervised by the Warsaw Żoliborz District Prosecutor’s Office.

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Drugs in an apartment in Praga-PółnocKRP VI

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