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Warsaw. He zig-zagged, cut off the road and tried to escape. Drunk driver arrested

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The city guards, who were driving along Przyczółkowa Street, noticed a Skoda driver in front of them, who was moving in a “zigzag”. After a while, the car stopped and the driver and passenger tried to flee on foot. They were arrested after a chase. Officers smelled alcohol on the man.

As described in the communiqué of the Warsaw city guard, before noon on June 23, city guards from the 2nd Regional Department, who were passing Przyczółkowa Street, noticed a Skoda Fabia driving in front of them in the right lane. “It would not be surprising if the vehicle did not move … in a zigzag” – it was noted.

“He got in his way several times”

After a while, a Ford approached the police car, whose driver opened the window and informed the guards that “the Skoda driver is probably intoxicated”.

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“The information from the driver of the Ford showed that the man cut his way several times. After driving 200 meters, the driver of the Skoda turned into Przekorna Street, stopped and, together with the passenger, began to run away on foot towards the nearby fire brigade. The guards gave chase “- we read further in the message .

“They smelled alcohol on him”

As it was added, during the escape, the man threw the keys to his car over the fence of the property. “The captured driver is a 36-year-old foreigner living in Konstancin. The officers clearly smelled alcohol from him. A police patrol was called to the intervention site, to which the man was handed over” – summed up.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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