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Warsaw. Heavy snowfall over the weekend

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On Saturday morning, the capital’s streets turned white. 170 gritters started the snow removal operation. The capital city hall warned against heavy snowfall forecast for the weekend. Officials appealed for caution, but assured that the services were on standby.

Dangerous weather in most of the country. IMGW alerts, also of the second degree.

It snowed heavily on Saturday morning. “Varsovians and Varsovians, the snowfall can last several hours, be careful. 170 plow spreaders have been working on 1,600 kilometers of city roads since night. We are monitoring the situation. We appeal to all managers and cooperatives to take care of the areas under their control,” Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski said in the morning. Facebook.

The gritters of the City Cleaning Authority went to the streets in the middle of the night. The first message about the snow removal action was sent by officials around 2 am. The next one appeared around 8 am. City services check the condition of street surfaces around the clock, and also monitor current meteorological data and weather forecasts.

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Difficult road conditions, there were several collisions

As Bartłomiej Śniadała from the Warsaw Police Headquarters told us, on Saturday morning the traffic police officers recorded several minor collisions. He added that although conditions are difficult, officers hope that both drivers and pedestrians will keep in mind the current situation and exercise caution.

– The situation on the sidewalks is worse than on the streets. In many places they are buried, although it is already visible at some properties that their managers took care of snow removal. Drivers need to be especially careful on smaller streets. There is slush forming there, it is very slippery. The plow spreaders are already working, but we will probably wait until the effects are fully visible – reports Tomasz Zieliński from tvnwarszawa.pl.

ZOM warns that during heavy rainfall, we should not expect snow residues to disappear from the road immediately. “Remember – during many hours of rainfall, we cannot require the final effects of snow removal. It is physically impossible. According to the forecasts, it will rain all day, and the snow will come with rain” – emphasized in the Saturday communiqué.

Long hours of rain and low temperatures

“Forecasts for the coming weekend predict many hours of snowfall. Combined with negative temperatures, there may be black ice. City services report their readiness and, if possible, to facilitate traffic for residents” – said the spokeswoman for the City of Warsaw in a press release on Friday. Monika Beuth of Warsaw.

Weather for the weekend. “Extremely difficult conditions”. Snow, blowing snow and gusty winds.

– Cleaning services are prepared to take action and eliminate dangerous slippery conditions. The plow spreaders will go to the roads used by city buses. Work will also be carried out in pedestrian areas. We appeal to the administrators of the remaining areas in Warsaw to remain vigilant and to take action in due time to minimize the nuisance for residents resulting from weather conditions, announced on Friday Tadeusz Jaszczołt, director of the Warsaw City Cleaning Authority.

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Plows and spreaders ready to go

The city declares that there are over 300 plows and spreaders ready to go 24 hours a day. The City Cleaning Authority protects 1,600 km of roadways on which public transport buses run against slippery. ZOM also commissions the cleaning of 3.5 million square meters of pedestrian areas – 4,400 bus and tram stops, access to the metro station, stairs and footbridges.

“The ZOM Command Center carries out 24-hour monitoring of data coming from meteorological centers and weather stations located throughout the city. At the same time, field controllers check the actual condition of the surface. Based on this information, decisions are made on the commencement of activities and their scope” – the spokeswoman said.

Bad weather over the weekend. The snow “will weigh down power lines and can break tree branches.”

In addition to the City Cleanup Authority, the following are responsible for cleaning up areas in Warsaw: offices of 18 districts – for 2,100 kilometers of streets that are not used by buses and 2 million square meters of sidewalks along these roads; General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways – for expressways in the capital, some pavements, stairs and the South Bridge named after Anna Jagiellonki and the bridge of General Stefan Grot-Rowecki; Public Areas Authority in selected areas of the Śródmieście district; Management of Praga Public Areas in selected areas of Praga-Północ; Management of Greenery in the field of alleys and pavements in and around parks.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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