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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Warsaw. Hitting a pedestrian on Nowogrodzka Street

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Police officers explain the circumstances of Saturday’s accident in the center of Warsaw. The driver of the Audi hit a pedestrian there, and then, according to witnesses and officers, “injured him with a dangerous tool”. We received the first information on Contact 24.

The incident took place on Saturday evening, at the corner of Nowogrodzka and Krucza streets (going towards Marszałkowska).

As described by the reader of Kontakt 24, a group of men walking along Krucza Street wanted to cross the pedestrian lanes with Nowogrodzka Street on the red light. An oncoming Audi driver was to run over one of them.

“After the hit, he stopped, left the car and stabbed the lying person three blows with a knife. In a moment, policemen from the nearby police station on Wilcza Street appeared and fenced the area. An ambulance also arrived to take care of the wounded” – the reader wrote in a message to the editorial office of Kontakt.

The driver is stopped

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Małgorzata Wersocka from the press department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters states that the information about the accident was actually sent to the officers. – Around 9:20 pm at the pedestrian crossing there was a fight between the driver and the pedestrian. The driver took out a dangerous tool and injured a pedestrian – she said.

– Then he came to the police station to report the damage to the car, he was detained – she added.

The pedestrian, conscious, was taken to the hospital.

tvnwarszawa.pl, Kontakt24

Main photo source: Reader, Contact 24

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