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Warsaw. How does the city conduct its transport policy? PiS councilors want an extraordinary session on this matter

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Law and Justice councilors demand an extraordinary session of the Warsaw Council on the transport policy of the capital. In their opinion, changes concerning, among others, the implementation of Tempo 30 zones or paid parking are insufficiently consulted with residents. According to the PiS club, the introduction of similar solutions should be reviewed by the city council and district councils.

The councilors of Law and Justice spoke about the objections to the activities of the capital’s authorities in terms of mobility and organization of the movement during a press conference on Tuesday. – The Law and Justice Club decided to submit a motion to convene an extraordinary session on the city’s transport policy – informed the head of the PiS councilors club, Dariusz Figura. He pointed out that most of their motions at the session are rejected, so it is natural for the opposition to convene an extraordinary session. The chairperson of the Warsaw Council has seven days to consider the application.

Councilor Figura explained that “at the moment we are dealing with a situation where very significant changes have recently been introduced in Warsaw in terms of transport policy”. – There are several of these elements. This includes narrowing the streets, eliminating parking spaces, also outside the city center or the Tempo 30 zone, he added.

He pointed out that all these changes are not reviewed by the authorized bodies, i.e. the District Council and the Council of Warsaw. He also argued that social consultations are being conducted, the attendance of which is unknown, and it is on their basis that the mobility policy will be introduced, by order of the president. – This is a fundamental change in urban policy – he stressed. He noted that any changes are now to be introduced without consultation with councillors. – Such changes must be reviewed by district councils and the Council of Warsaw. Therefore, we want councilors to speak on this matter at an extraordinary session – he added.

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He reported that PiS councilors plan to present three points at the session. Informing about the course and attendance at consultations on the following topics: mobility policy and the Tempo 30 zone. The next two will be a draft position and a resolution.

Pace Zone 30ZDM

Councilor Klimiuk: consultations are fiction

Councilor Wiktor Klimiuk pointed out that a similar problem concerns consultations carried out in connection with the paid parking zone. – Firstly, these consultations did not ensure the participation of the majority of residents, and secondly, they imposed specific solutions. This shows that these consultations are fiction, he said. – That is why we have prepared a package of pro-democratic, pro-social changes for this session – he added.

He went on to list the changes in question: – First of all, we want to introduce the requirement of representativeness – so that all interested parties could participate in the consultations. Secondly, we demand that the project promoter present the financial effects, because this is often missing. Thirdly, we are introducing the possibility for 1/4 of the council (district and Warsaw) to conduct consultations, whether in Warsaw or in the district – he said. He noted that today the entire council has such a possibility, and it is also difficult for smaller groups to introduce these consultations. The fourth point is that the consultation report, which is now very difficult for residents to access, should be presented to the council, which will give its opinion. – This will allow the consultations not to be fiction, but to allow everyone interested to speak – said Klimiuk.

Paid parking zone (illustration photo)Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

Marta Borczyńska, councilwoman of Targówek, spokeswoman for the PiS councilors club. – We do not want to criticize the city’s transport policy as a whole. We want to talk about it because it’s possible that some of these ideas are good. We want councilors who are representatives of the residents, as well as the residents themselves, to participate in this conversation – she said. – So far, two on-line consultations and two stationary duty hours have been held regarding the Tempo 30 zone. Such topics should be widely publicized to give a chance to speak on a given topic – she added.

Let us remind you that the city hall plans that the Tempo 30 zones will cover about 60 percent of the streets and 90 percent of the capital’s area. But restrictions will be introduced on streets that serve as access roads, while speed limits should not change on distributing and transit streets. The public consultation took place in November last year. A report summarizing meetings with residents in this matter has not yet been published on the Warsaw Social Consultation Platform.

Proposed traffic-calmed zones in Warsaw City hall

Main photo source: ZDM

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