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Warsaw. How to suspend and unsuspend a long-term ticket? Rules

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Passengers of Warsaw public transport may still suspend the validity of long-term tickets. The Mayor of Warsaw decided to leave such a possibility, the capital city hall announced on Friday.

– We introduced such a solution during the COVID-19 epidemic, when government restrictions on social life meant that many people did not go to work or school and did not use the tickets they had purchased – says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, quoted in the communiqué on this subject. And he points out: – By suspending the unused period of validity of the ticket, residents could use it at another time. We are introducing such a possibility on a permanent basis, it facilitates and encourages the use of public transport.

The Mayor of Warsaw signed an order maintaining the suspension of tickets. The previous one was in force only during the state of epidemic emergency or the state of epidemic announced due to COVID-19. From July 1, the state of emergency ceases to apply in Poland. The new order of the president of suspending and unsuspending tickets makes it permanent.

How does ticket suspension work?

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You can still suspend a long-term 30 or 90-day ticket – valid in any ticket zone, as well as Varsovian tickets, metropolitan tickets, annual tickets for families with three children and Senior Tickets. Unused ticket validity period can be recoded to another date. You can also suspend and unsuspend tickets in the mobiWawa application.

As before, the suspension of tickets is possible three times in a calendar year, however, under a specific condition. The ticket may be suspended for not less than five consecutive calendar days. When the validity period of the ticket is less than 5 days, it cannot be suspended.

The period of suspension runs from the date of notification of the suspension by the passenger to the day preceding its suspension. The Passenger will not make another suspension if the previously suspended ticket has not been suspended.

The regulation also specifies the maximum time limit for coding the unused number of days of a suspended ticket – it is six months from the date of notification of its suspension. In the absence of notification of suspension, recoding is possible within six months from the day following the expiry date of the suspended contract. It’s a bit different in mobiWawa. In the application, after suspending the ticket, its validity is automatically extended by the unused period.

How to suspend and unsuspend a ticket step by step?

The rules for suspending and unsuspending tickets are simple. The procedure itself takes just a moment. All you need to do is go to the website zapeswkm.wtp.waw.pl and enter the number of the card on which the ticket is coded.

The ticket can also be hung up via the website zapieswkm.wtp.waw.pl/odwies or in person at any ZTM Passenger Service Point.

Attention, suspending the validity of the ticket saved on the Personalized Warsaw City Card (or other carrier approved by ZTM) via the website will not automatically recode the unused period of validity days to another date. Such an operation is possible only at any ZTM Passenger Service Point. It should also be remembered that the validity period of the part of the ticket recovered in this way begins to run from the moment of its recoding.

In mobiWawa, tickets are suspended and suspended directly in the application, without using the website.

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