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Warsaw. How will Karowa Street change? Visualizations

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The popularity of the new footbridge over the Vistula River forces rapid changes in its vicinity. The Mayor of Warsaw announced that they would also affect Karowa, which is to become an “extension of the bridge”.

Just before the election silence Rafał Trzaskowski announcedthat the city hall is planning changes on Karowa Street. – We want to change the route of Karowa up to Krakowskie Przedmieście, so that it fits perfectly with the (pedestrian and bicycle – ed) bridge, so that it is, in a sense, an extension of the bridge, an exit to the Royal Route – he said during one of the last press conferences on Friday April 5, the mayor of Warsaw.

When asked by tvnwarszawa.pl what form it would take, he admitted that an architectural competition was planned. – We have a very general concept. Of course, there will be a need for a competition as part of the normal procedure, Trzaskowski replied.

Bicycle lanes on the viaduct and impressive stairs

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What this general concept includes can be read from two pictures he published on social media. They show that the changes would minimally affect what Warsaw residents first associate with the slogan “Karowa”, i.e. the Markiewicz Viaduct. The historic snail designed by Stefan Szyller is a monument, so any major interference with it is impossible.

It seems that bicycle lanes drawn on the mentioned concept would be acceptable. They would undoubtedly come in handy. There is no gentle slope up the slope in the area, each of the available ones – Tamka, Dynasy, Książęca – is a challenge for cyclists. The Karowa viaduct rises slightly, and there is little traffic due to the inability to enter Krakowskie Przedmieście.

New stairs and elevator at the Karowa viaductRafał Trzaskowki / X

The revolution would concern the vicinity of the viaduct, i.e. the stairs. In Rafał Trzaskowski's concept, they are wider, gentler, more representative than today's ones, which have a purely utilitarian function (they are not historic). The author of the concept included seats, greenery and even a watercourse that flows along the steps. An elevator was also planned, with a footbridge of several meters leading to the shaft.

The stairs would end near today's parking lot at the National Security Office. The question remains how the president's office would react to the proposal to eliminate some parking spaces in favor of sidewalks and greenery.

Today it is just a staircase topped with a parking lottvnwarszawa.pl

Bicycle path along Karowa and new zebra

The picture ends here, but the announced architectural competition is also to cover the further part of Karowa, to Dobra. Because a short section from Dobra to Wisłostrada will be rebuilt as part of the construction of a pedestrian crossing and a bicycle crossing in front of Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie (on the extension of the footbridge). The Municipal Roads Authority analyzes the offers received in the tender. There is hope that the zebra crossing will be marked in the summer.

As part of these works, a two-way bicycle path will also be created on the southern side of Karowa. This can be seen in the second diagram made public by Rafał Trzaskowski, confirmed Tamas Dombi, director of the Traffic Management Office in the city hall, in an interview with “Gazeta Stołeczna”. It is not yet known how the two-way path will be connected to the one-way lanes on the viaduct.

The concept of a pedestrian and bicycle crossing through the Kościuszko CoastRafał Trzaskowski / X

Visualizations are illustrative, but “show the right intention”

The announcement of a more ambitious look at Karowa pleases Małgorzata Dembowska, whose diploma thesis was the inspiration for the construction of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge. In the architect's concept, the footbridge was an element of changes whose goal was to create an alternative to the Royal Route. We wrote more about it on tvnwarszawa.pl.

– Karowa is a very important topic. For now, the elements shown in the visualizations in the area of ​​the slope are very illustrative, they show the right intention to descend from Karowa on the Vistula River, but this has not yet been resolved in terms of design. This is why the competition is to be announced, to select a good project – comments Dembowska.

Bridge on the extension of KarowaMałgorzata Dembowska

Author:Piotr Bakalarski

Main photo source: Rafał Trzaskowki / X

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