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Warsaw. Huge speed, motorcyclists overtaking on S2, video

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Dangerous overtaking of two motorcyclists on the S2 route was observed and recorded by our reporter. He bluntly assessed that slalom between cars performed at such enormous speed was playing with death.

The situation took place on Saturday after 12 noon on the S2 section between the Konotopa junction and the Opacz junction.

The speed limit on this section is 120 kilometers per hour. On the other hand, I had about 100 kilometers per hour on the odometer. I was in the right lane, but I was approaching a truck, so I turned into the middle lane to overtake it. Beforehand, I made sure in the mirror that no one was driving and I could safely change lanes. A moment later I heard the roar of motorcycle engines – reports Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl reporter. – Motorcyclists overtook me on the right. They crossed the entire width of the road and literally two seconds later they were speeding in the left lane. They quickly disappeared into the distance. After a while, also in the left lane, he drove the third one – he describes.

The behavior of motorcyclists was recorded by a camera installed in our reporter’s car. – Such a slalom between cars is very dangerous. At speeds well above 100 kilometers per hour, even the slightest contact with the car can result in a fall and a tragedy – notes Węgrzynowicz.

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Police urge motorcyclists to be careful. “Spring weather means that more and more motorcyclists have started to appear on the roads. Traveling by this means of transport is undoubtedly pleasant, comfortable and fast, but the priority is to make it safe. On the road, we are all just as important – let’s remember about mutual respect, kindness and caution.

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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