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Warsaw. In the Old Town he offered photos with pigeons. He has been stopped

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City guards checked a man who offered to take a photo with decorative pigeons for money. He had no permission to have pigeons or to run a business. It also turned out that this was not the first such case on his account.

A woman approached the city guards who were patrolling the Old Town on September 10 and asked to check the man with the pigeons. He offered the opportunity to take photos with animals for money. According to the reporting party, he did it illegally.

After 2 p.m., the guards found a man giving three decorative pigeons to tourists on Świętojańska Street, the so-called peacocks so they could take a photo with them. The officers asked him to show documents confirming the legality of owning the birds.

“However, the owner did not have them. He explained that he bought the pigeons at a market near Warsaw. He also did not have permission to run a business using these animals,” the city guard said in a statement. The police were called to the scene of the intervention. The foreigner was taken to the police station. There it turned out that there were other proceedings pending against him. The man was arrested.

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He previously offered a raccoon

In May, the police intervened against the same man. Then he offered tourists pigeons and a raccoon for photos. The case was similar: opposite the cathedral on Świętojańska Street, he collected donations from tourists who wanted to be photographed with animals.

“The man’s pupils did not look satisfied with these sessions. The animals seemed neglected and disturbed by the noise of tourists surrounding them,” the city guard reported in May. The officers checked the man’s identity and also checked his consent to own animals. They discovered deficiencies in these documents. Due to the poor condition of the man’s charges, the police were called. Representatives of organizations involved in animal protection also appeared.

“After examining the shed, which was indeed in poor condition, it was taken into the care of a specialist asylum along with the pigeons. The owner of the seized animals was detained by the police,” the city guard reported at the time.

“Let’s remember – animals are not things”

City guards appealed to witnesses of improper treatment of animals to report such situations to the emergency number 986.

“Our guards have often intervened against people who treat animals inappropriately or possess them without a permit. When receiving a proposal for a cute photo, it is worth considering whether it is appropriate for the animal to stay in crowded, tourist places. Remember – animals are not things. They feel and suffer just like people,” city guards note.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Guard

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