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Warsaw. Incident on the subway. A security guard destroyed a passenger’s phone from Belarus

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– I didn’t like the security guard. He heard my accent, started tugging at me, tearing off the phone, and when he saw that I was recording the whole situation, he started calling me names. He threatened to use a stun gun, said Mr. Arciom, a Belarusian who has lived in Poland for over a decade. As proof, he sent a recording of a conversation with a security guard at Młociny station. Metro Warszawskie comments on the case laconically, claiming that “all materials relating to the incident have been handed over to the Police.”

The editorial office of Kontakt 24 was contacted by Mr. Arciom, a Belarusian who has lived in Poland for 11 years. He told about the incident in which he participated a few weeks ago at the Młociny metro station. – I came back from an unpleasant conversation at work. I was so in thought that I missed my station. I have reached the end, to Młociny. As I stepped off the train onto the platform, I met the ticket controllers. I passed the security guards getting on the train to see if they had all left, as is the case at the last subway stations. When I talked to the controller, it turned out that my ticket was at home. So we sat down on the bench to write down my details for the ticket. The auditor began to question the veracity of my documents. I said that if he has any doubts, we can call the police – says Mr. Arciom.

He also points out that, despite his doubts, the auditor behaved impeccably towards him – he was only focused on fulfilling his duties. At one point, however, one of the bodyguards our reader had missed a moment earlier approached them. – I heard “good morning” and then it started. He must have heard my accent because he was clearly hostile to the foreign sound. He started yanking me, tearing my phone away, and when he saw that I was recording the whole situation, he started calling me names. He shouted that he would sue me to the prosecutor’s office, that he would make sure that I was deported, insulted me and used profanity. He threatened to use a stun gun. He destroyed my phone: the repair cost is about PLN 1,500 – reported Mr. Arciom. As proof, he sent us a document with a phone repair quote. It shows the amount of over PLN 1,500.


“You want to be electrocuted right now?”

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As the security guard snatched his phone away, he only recorded the sound on the dictaphone in his watch. In his opinion, security guards and controllers knew that the conversation was being recorded, he himself informed them about it. He also claims that at one point the security guard wanted to grab his watch as well, but he failed.

On the recording, you can hear him demanding to return the taken phone several times. The security guard didn’t react, arguing that Mr. Arciom “has no right to record.” He also adds that “this is an infringement of his personal rights”. He calls “to behave in accordance with the law”. At some point, he also threatens to sue and announces that “he will go to the prosecutor’s office with it”. When Mr. Arciom again asks by what right the security guard took the phone from him, he replies with a shout: “Because you are recording me and I will not allow myself to do it. Do you understand?”

The man concludes that the security guard is “xenophobe”. In response, there is a threat of deportation. He also says “I’ll scratch”, meaning our reader’s phone. Then it gets even worse. “You want to be electrocuted right now?” the security guard asks. The reader replies, “What, are you threatening me now?” “Yes, because you are violating my personal space” – we hear in response.

At some point, the ticket inspector joins the conversation. He says to Mr. Artiom: “You see, you are somehow allergic. Do you think, if you are from the East, you can do anything?” The controller is very indignant when Mr. Arciom – speaking of the subway security guard – uses the phrase “fat chunk of peasant” (on Friday the reader told us that he was ready to apologize to the security guard for these words, but only when he admitted that his behavior was inappropriate) . “Listen, understand this simple thing: besides rights, you also have duties”, the controller says.

The incident took place at the Młociny metro stationMateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

Warsaw Metro: there are no irregularities here

Finally, the police showed up. – On my report regarding the behavior of the bodyguard, they only said that “it is a civil matter and that there is nothing they can do.” They suggested that we get along with the security guard – reported Mr. Arciom. Later he went to the headquarters to give evidence. On August 17, he was summoned to the police station, asking for evidence in the case. He presented us with a document which shows that the case was transferred to the V District Police Headquarters, where an investigation was initiated. He gave the police his recordings.

He also wrote a complaint to the Warsaw Metro. – After a few days, I received a reply that after analyzing the monitoring and talking to the security guard who concerned my report, they decided that there were no irregularities here. So I sent them another complaint, this time with my materials – said Mr. Arciom.

He added that more than two weeks have passed and still no one from the metro has contacted him about this. – I thought that there are no such people anymore, but they do exist, they walk the streets. I don’t know where this hate comes from. Maybe once a foreigner got under the skin of this security guard, but this is not a reason to blame the entire society of Belarus or Ukraine and take revenge on innocent people – he concluded.

Unanswered questions from the subway

We asked Metro Warszawskie questions about this event. We wanted to find out, among other things, why security guards intervened in the case between the passenger and the ticket inspectors? Also, is the threat of deportation and the use of a stun gun appropriate in the opinion of Metro Warszawskie and what consequences have been drawn towards the security guard?

Unfortunately, the spokeswoman for MW Anna Bartoń did not answer any of the questions raised. She only sent a laconic message: “the case is being investigated by the Police from the passenger’s notification and therefore all materials concerning the incident have been handed over to the Police. The Metro employee remains at the disposal of the Police. Within the scope of the investigation, Metro Warszawskie will follow the findings of the authorities conducting the case” – she wrote and added that “if the damage is confirmed, the Company has an insurance policy and developed procedures for the payment of claims”.

In turn, the spokeswoman of the Warsaw Metro police station, Natalia de Laurans, confirmed that on August 11, the police intervened at the Młociny metro station, at the request of the ZTM controller, in order to establish the personal data of a passenger without a valid ticket. – During the intervention, the officers informed the man about the possibility of submitting an appropriate notification. On August 11, 2021 from the above-mentioned of the passenger, the notification in the case in question was accepted, and the case materials were sent to the locally competent Police unit, ie the Warsaw V District Police Headquarters, de Laurans gave.

tvnwarszawa.pl, Contact 24

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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