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Warsaw. Independence Day 2021. 27 demonstrations will take place in the center of the capital

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On Independence Day, 27 public assemblies will be held in the center of Warsaw. The capital city hall rejected four applications for registration because the planned demonstrations collided with those previously reported. There will be a staff in the Bureau for Security and Crisis Management, responsible for coordinating the work of municipal services and units.

Two days before the Independence Day, the capital city hall summed up how many public gatherings have been reported so far on November 11, in Śródmieście. Until Monday, a total of more than 30 such reports were received, covering various times and locations. The city hall registered 27 of them and four applications were rejected. The reason is that the organizers indicated places and dates in them that coincide with those previously planned. By law, all assemblies must be at least 100 meters apart.

The register of assemblies shows that demonstrations will take place, among others, in front of the Sejm, at the so-called Patelnia, at Plac Defilad, at the entrance to the Świętokrzyska metro station, in Świętokrzyski Park, at Bankowy Square, at Plac na Rozdrożu, Plac Powstańców Warszawy or at the junction of Jasna Street. and Świętokrzyska.

As previously announced by the town hall, on Monday, November 8, a meeting of municipal services, the police and the State Protection Service was held. It was attended by the Warsaw Municipal Police, Municipal Roads Authority, City Cleaning Authority and Public Transport Authority. Its purpose was to exchange information about the preparations and discuss the principles of cooperation.


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Independence Day (illustrative photo)Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

The police will take over the supervision of traffic at the Dmowski roundabout

The City Hall reports that a lot of attention was paid at the meeting to issues related to the Dmowski roundabout, which is the place where this year’s demonstration initiated by a group of 14 Women from the “Niepodległa dlaszyst” Bridge is to take place. At the same time, despite the refusal to register a cyclical assembly in this place, the nationalists are calling for people to gather there on the march. “In consultation with the police it was agreed that as the entity responsible for ensuring the safety of the participants of the conventions and city residents, it will take over traffic management at the roundabout from 4:00 am, while after 8:00 it will most likely be completely disabled for car and pedestrian traffic. the time when all the assemblies in this place are completed.

The Municipal Roads Authority asked the contractor for the works on the Dmowski roundabout, which has been renovated since August, to secure the construction site so that there is no access to loose building materials. Today, an on-site inspection with the participation of the contractor and the police took place there in order to determine which elements should be removed or secured. The Town Hall does not hide that this may disrupt the investment schedule. – This is an additional element that was not foreseen. The whole series of activities was subordinated to the declarations of the nationalists that there would be a march, although it should not be because another congregation is registered there – Monika Beuth-Lutyk, spokesman for the city office, previously translated.

The staff will watch over the course of the meetings

During the meeting, it was also agreed that on November 11 from 10:00 a.m. in the Security and Crisis Management Bureau there will be a city headquarters responsible for coordinating the work of all Warsaw units and services relevant to the functioning of the city. “They will be in full readiness despite the difficulties that must be taken into account when so many people gather in different locations. Representatives of the Police and SOP were invited to participate in the staff, in order to strengthen the efficient flow of information and coordination of activities. day “- explains the town hall.

Warsaw Security and Crisis Management Bureau TVN archive

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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