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Warsaw. Independence Day. Changes in public transport on November 11 and during the long weekend

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The long weekend and the celebration of Independence Day will cause changes in the way public transport runs. Due to numerous demonstrations planned for November 11, buses and trams will take detours in the city center. Passengers are also faced with difficulties related to the exclusion of several metro stations. Already on Wednesday night buses will run according to weekend timetables.

From Thursday, November 11 to Sunday, November 14, public transport will operate according to the changed rules. The first changes will be implemented overnight on November 10th. The night lines will run according to the weekend schedule, but the N58 line will not run on Fridays and Saturdays only. The metro will run on the Friday night timetable.

Organization of public transport on November 11

On Independence Day, that is November 11, trams, SKM trains and day buses will run according to the holiday schedule, and the night schedule – on Sunday. Line 126 will be suspended.

There will also be a Christmas schedule in the metro, but more M1 trains will leave the tracks between 11am and 7pm. That day in the evening planned modernization works begin on the first metro line and after 9 p.m. the trains will run on average every five and a half minutes on the shortened route Metro Młociny – Dworzec Gdański. 14 stations will be excluded from traffic. There will be no overnight courses. Substitute communication will be started.

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We remind you that until Sunday with traffic Also, three stations of the M2 line in Targówek and Praga Północ are excluded. Works related to connecting the existing infrastructure with the newly built section are underway there.

Due to the demonstrations of drivers and passengers scheduled for Thursday, November 11, difficulties await. According to the announcement of the town hall 27 assemblies were registered in the center. In addition, it is to cross the route from the Dmowski roundabout to the National Stadium Independence March, which was given the status of a state celebration. “As the police close further streets to traffic, public transport vehicles will be directed to detour routes via the nearest passable communication routes, their routes may also be shortened” – ZTM reported. Officials encourage travel that day by subway and rail. On the website and in social media, they will report the order of the changes on an ongoing basis.

From 4.00 am to midnight on November 11, the ZTM and KM tickets in the 1st and 2nd ticket zones will be mutually honored, as well as the ZTM, PKP Intercity, ŁKA and Polregio tickets on the Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Zachodnia section. Passengers with ZTM cardboard tickets, which have not been validated before, using trains, must write on their backs the date and time in 24-hour format, e.g. “11.11.2021 at 08.55”, and the holders of tickets coded on the WKM have to activate them first, for example at the train manager.

Throughout the day, more than 20 informants will help passengers of public transport. As ZTM points out, “in key places they will guide passengers to the best available means of transport”. There will also be mobile information – ZTM vehicles will arrive, among others, at stops on closed sections of the routes.


Communication changes over the long weekend

The next changes are waiting for passengers on Friday, November 12. Day buses will run according to the Saturday schedule, and L31, L47, L48 – on a daily basis.

The distributions will change for lines: 105, 110, 122, 131, 132, 136, 138, 140, 145, 150, 167, 182, 186, 189, 199, 210, 245, 500, 503, 504, 507, 509, 511, 517, 520, 522, 523, 527, 709, 710, 719, 724, 739, 742 and 743. In addition, buses 225, 313, 317, 326, 401, 402, 412 will leave their routes during rush hours. and 414. Additional shortened routes will also be launched on lines: 109, 162, 178, 190, 197, 521 and 723. Buses of line 850 will leave the route, and line 409 will be suspended.

According to the Saturday timetable, there will also be trams, and there will be special timetables for lines 17, 18 and 26. Line 14 will take a different route from Banacha – Puławska, Woronicza, Wołoska and Marynarska to PKP Służewiec.

On line 24, additional shortened courses will be launched on the Koło – Narutowicza Square route.

The M2 metro line trains will run according to the Saturday schedule, while the M1 line trains will run until 6 and after 7.00 p.m. every 5.30 minutes, and from 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. every 4.30 minutes. There will be no overnight courses.

In turn, SKM will run according to the holiday schedule.

On Saturday and Sunday, November 13-14, the only changes will be on the metro: M1 trains will run approximately every 5.30 minutes throughout the day. There will be no overnight courses.

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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