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Warsaw. Influencers promoted public communication. How much did it cost?

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Warsaw paid almost PLN 20,000 for the Instagram entries of four influencers. The actress, journalist, singer and photo model praised the charms of traveling by Warsaw public transport.

The action was related to the Car Free Day celebrated on September 22nd. On that day, as every year, public transport vehicles could travel around the capital for free. The Town Hall also decided to promote the campaign, incl. on social media. On September 22, there are entries about Warsaw Public Transport.

A photo with a tram, love for cars

The loudest was the one who appeared on Grażyna Wolszczak’s profile. In the note next to her photo with the tram in the background, the actress admits that she only “makes friends” with communication. He is surprised to note that the timetable can be found on the WTP website and that communication is punctual. And then … raves about her car.

“I will not pretend – I love to sit behind the wheel of my car! I love this thrill before setting off on the road, as if the journey to the ring road starts with an adventure! Maybe not some extreme, but still. It is important that my car meets strict environmental standards (WLTP) These are old diesels, the ‘dead bodies’ that were brought in on a mass scale are very poisonous “- argues Wolszczak. Anyway, this love for cars, specifically for one brand, has been discounted many times in previous entries on Instagram.

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A large part of the city-sponsored post is also devoted to air quality. Recall: in recent years the actress sued the state for the terrible quality of the air and she won the case. She also sued the capital city office, but she withdrew this lawsuitbecause she was convinced by the anti-smog actions of the town hall.

In an interview with “Gazeta Stołeczna”, which described the action on Saturday, assures that these matters remain unrelated. – My participation in this campaign had absolutely nothing to do with the withdrawal of the lawsuit against the city. My agent called me and asked if I would take part in an action promoting public communication. I agreed immediately, because I am trying to change to public transport myself, I believe that it is important and it is right to encourage people to do so. It was my only motivation. Of course there was some money out of it, but rather symbolic – she said.

Almost PLN 20,000 for four entries

What amounts are we talking about specifically? Krystian Głuch, a left-wing activist from Bielany, asked about the cost of the action in the form of access to public information. The answer he got was posted on Twitter.

“Biuro Marketingu Miasta has concluded a contract with an external entity. Under this contract, the contractor undertook to publish one post on the profiles of four influencers, including the profile of Mrs. Grażyna Wolszczak. The contract amount for the above-mentioned four publications is PLN 19 680.00 gross.” – we read in the document signed by Kamil Dąbrowa, deputy director of the City Marketing Office, former spokesman of Rafał Trzaskowski. However, it is not known how the agency distributed this amount among the four involved.

Communication was also promoted by the photomodel and actor Jakub Kucner. He photographed himself on the subway. “When I can and have such an opportunity, I try to switch to public transport. Living in @city_warszawa I have the privilege of using the metro. In rush hours I avoid traffic jams and gain time, I reach my destination faster and I can also effectively use the time spent on the road, e.g. reading a script. And just like that, sometimes it’s more fun and the feeling that you are part of a big city “- we read in Kucner’s entry. In the earlier ones, he preferred the company of cars from a specific rental company, which he marked, as well as motorcycles.

Efficiency so far unknown

The other two influencers engaged by the city are vocalist Grzegorz Hyży and journalist Barbara Pasek.

The spokeswoman of the town hall, Monika Beuth-Lutyk, confirmed to us that the city accepted the content of all entries. We ask why the city chose these four. – We have conducted reasearch, we select influnecers individually and send them inquiries. The profiles of these people fit into the theme of the campaign. The remaining offers received by the ordering party were rejected due to the proposed amount, which exceeded the budget for this purpose, replied the spokeswoman for the town hall. As she added, reaching out to infleuncers was nothing special, because the city has been engaging them for years to “promote city projects”. – This is one of the many forms of promotion used by the City Marketing Office as part of the campaign – noted Beuth-Lutyk.

It is not known yet what the effectiveness of the September action was. – The contract has not been completed, the coverage report is part of the acceptance protocol – concluded the clerk.

Wolszczak versus the State Treasury. The actress won the smog trial24.01. | It is the country to blame for breathing fatal air. A court in Warsaw issued a judgment in a case brought against the State Treasury by actress Grażyna Wolszczak. Now the State Treasury, the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Energy must donate PLN 5,000 to one of the oncology foundations. The penalty is not high, but the continuation will be more important.tvn24

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