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Warsaw. Injection of cash for Warsaw Trams – for investments and rolling stock. The route to Gocław is only a few years away

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1 billion 246 million zlotys are to be received by Warsaw Trams from the city budget for investments and covering the costs of purchasing new rolling stock. The investment list includes subsequent sections of the route from Wola to Wilanów, the route to Gocław and the tracks along Modlińska. All in the next eight years.

At today’s session of the Warsaw Council, councilors will vote on a draft resolution to recapitalize the company Tramwaje Warszawskie. According to the document, the city wants to allocate PLN 1 billion and PLN 246 million for this purpose. The funds are to be spread over the years 2022-2025 and 2027-29.

An ambitious seven-year plan

The draft resolution states that in 2022 the TW is to receive a total of PLN 246 million to partially finance the purchase of trams, which will be delivered from the Korean Hyundai later this year. In 2023, the company will receive the highest cash injection of 450 million: 250 – to finance new new warehouses and 200 – for works related to construction of the Annopol depot. The 2024 recapitalization is € 15 million, to be allocated to “other replacement investment projects”. As Maciej Dutkiewicz, spokesman of Warsaw Trams explains, it is about renovation and maintenance works of the existing tracks.

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In 2025, the company plans to allocate the received PLN 105 million for further expansion the tram line that will connect Wola and Wilanów in the future. – At that time, we plan to work on the section from Grójecka to the Western Railway Station, as well as along Rakowiecka – announces Dutkiewicz. Another 50 million will be allocated to part of the phased modernization of the route from Zawiszy Square to Żaba roundabout. The company plans to rebuild the tracks, overhead contact line and stops, which in some cases will be moved. Completion of works on the entire 13-kilometer section is scheduled for 2032.

In 2027, TW will receive 40 million for the phased renovation of the route along Aleja Jana Pawła II and Broniewskiego, from al. “Solidarności” to the Piaski loop. But the works are not scheduled to be completed until 2031.

In 2028, the company will receive 20 million for the continuation of the renovation on Aleja Jana Pawła II, 20 million for the construction of the Wilanów route – along Pole Mokotowskie, 10 million to extend the tracks from the Winnica loop closer to the intersection of Światowida and Modlińska streets. The tram line to Gocław is also returning to the company’s investment plans, but PLN 45 million has been reserved for this purpose only for 2028.

In 2029, works in Praga Południe are to be continued for another 80 million. In addition, the city will give tram drivers 35 million to continue the Wilanów route. 25 million is to be reserved for the construction of a 1.5-kilometer route along Aleja Wilanowska towards Służewiec Przemysłowy. The next 25 million were saved for further work in Aleja Jana Pawła II. The track along the Obozowa route (40 million) will also be renovated. The company plans to spend the same amount on construction of tracks along Modlińska Street from the Żerań FSO loop to the north.

The route to Gocław – project delayed

The good news is that the company’s investment plans did not include the long-awaited route to Gocław, although its implementation was clearly postponed. Let us recall that the EU funds allocated to this investment were transferred to the purchase of electric buses.

Then the city announced that it was starting preparations for the construction of the third metro line from the Stadion Narodowy station to Gocław, which puts a tram in this part of the city in question.

The route of the future third metro line was heavily criticized by activists of urban movements. In their opinion, he is “forced by force”, and a faster journey from Praga Południe to the city center can be provided by the tram. After publication of a technical study for the third metro lineactivists said the underground railway is the final nail in the coffin for the planned tram. The Town Hall replied that he was not giving up the construction. It was also announced that “the entire set of decisions enabling the commencement of construction works is to be ready in 2022”.

We already know that the announced date will not be met. – Now we are working on the design documentation for the construction of this route. We have submitted applications for a location decision, we approve the so-called geometry of the route and the permanent organization of traffic – says Maciej Dutkiewicz.

He admits that the design work was extended for several reasons (the project was to be ready at the end of 2020). – Agreements with the owners of underground networks, including heat pipelines, were prolonged. This was also influenced by the decision to abandon the design of the road connecting the avenue of the United States and Bora-Komorowskiego, we had to change the already designed tram part – explained the spokesman of the Warsaw Trams. He adds that “in the meantime, new regulations have entered into force that simplified the design of tram routes.” – We will have ready documentation next year, which allows us to prepare a tender for the construction and use the planned money – sums up Dutkiewicz.

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