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Warsaw. Jabłoni Flower – concert at the Warsaw Uprising Museum – tickets, broadcast

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The Warsaw Uprising Museum invited the Kwiat Jabłoni band to cooperate in the musical commemoration of the 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The result will be a record and a concert in the Wolności Park next to the museum. We will also hear the guests.

The album and concert in Wolności Park are a fixed point of the celebrations on August 1. The museum reaches for artists of various generations and genres. This year, the Jabłoni Flower was invited to cooperate. The team consists of siblings: Kasia Sienkiewicz and Jacek Sienkiewicz. It was them who selected the songs for the album “Free Hearts”. It will be 10 songs (covers) that tell about freedom for two artists. – We want to create, together with other musicians, an album reminding us that freedom is a beautiful value, which is a condition for a happy and dignified life for all people – say Kasia and Jacek about their intentions.

Generational hymns about freedom

“We will hear new arrangements of compositions that shaped several generations of Polish women and Poles. In each decade, these pieces had a different meaning, defined a different moment in our history, but they were linked by a message – love of freedom” – we read in the press release. Which songs hit the albums? It does not reveal this museum yet, as well as the lists of invited guests – we will get to know it during the conference on July 13.

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Museologists pointed out that in the face of the war in Ukraine, considerations about the value of freedom and its loss have become painfully relevant. “This year, freedom ceased to be only a subject of lectures and history lessons. We all suddenly had to face the consequences of the war. Older generations saw the darkest memories, and the young lost their sense of stability. The events of 2022 made us realize that the freedom we took for granted , is not given once and for all “- stated.

– Every Varsovian on his daily journey to work, school or home encounters traces of the times when the inhabitants of the capital were deprived of their freedom. The memory of the past is especially important for this city – it builds its identity and present. The album “Free Hearts” is a set of hymns to freedom that have accompanied both Warsaw residents and residents of Poland over the last decades, explains Jan Ołdakowski, director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Concert, broadcast, album premiere

Kwiat Jabłoni is one of the most popular Polish bands of the young generation. Kasia and Jacek Sienkiewicz have two albums to their credit. “Impossible” from 2019 and last year’s “Could be nothing”. The musicians became known to a wider audience thanks to the single “Today I will go to sleep late”, which was viewed on YouTube over 30 million times. Kasia and Jacek have played over 200 concerts so far. They performed at the largest Polish festivals: Open’er Festival, Spring Break and Pol’and’rock.

The concert of the Jabłoni flower and guests will take place on Friday, July 22 at 8.00 p.m. in the Wolności Park at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Tickets can be purchased on the museum’s website. Broadcast will be carried out by TVN24GO. On the same day, the album “Free Hearts” will be available for sale and streaming services.

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