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Warsaw. Jakub Żulczyk accused of insulting President Andrzej Duda. The writer’s trial has started

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A trial has started in the case of the writer Jakub Żulczyk, accused of insulting President Andrzej Duda by calling him a “moron” in a social media entry. The accused pleaded not guilty. As he explained, his comment was to be an expression of criticism and concern. The man wanted as many people as possible to see “the president’s misconceptions”. The defense requests that the head of state be summoned as a witness at the next hearing.

The writer is responsible in court for the words expressed on the social networking site in November last year. He commented on the post of President Andrzej Duda after the presidential election in the United States, calling him “an idiot”. The prosecutor’s office dealt with the case after a notification from a private person. In March, investigators filed an indictment against Jakub Żulczyk to the court. Even before the process begins the defense of the defendant requested that the proceedings be discontinued at the meeting, but in August the court did not accept this request.

On Tuesday, the Żulczyk case began in front of the District Court in Warsaw. The prosecutor, Michał Marcinkowski, accused the writer of using the word “generally considered offensive” against the president. The writer did not plead guilty to insulting Andrzej Duda and exercised his right to be heard.

– I am a Polish citizen, concerned about the fate of my country, a politically conscious person. Sometimes I vent it on social media. This was also the nature of the entry about President Andrzej Duda – said Żulczyk. He emphasized that he was an Americanist by education, and that he used to be a journalist, also on political topics. – I sometimes comment on the current reality on social media and matters that to some extent offend, shock or disturb me – he pointed out.

The writer emphasized that he had no intention of insulting the president, but wanted to criticize his actions which, in his opinion, “were unwise and endangered Poland’s international reputation.” – President Duda, deliberately or not – I cannot judge – questioned the electoral system in the USA, without congratulating the then president-elect of the USA – he said.

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The trial of the writer Jakub Żulczyk has startedMarcin Obara / PAP

Only judge Tomasz Grochowicz took the opportunity to ask questions to the accused, asking, among other things, what Żulczyk wanted to achieve with his entry. “I certainly didn’t expect to be here,” replied the scribe. He added that he hoped that thanks to the entry, as many people as possible would see “the president’s misconceptions”. – I was wrong here, because because of the fact that I used the word that I used, most people noticed what term I used, and not the substantive content of the entry – he said. However, he stressed that, to use a milder expression, he would not express the “seriousness of the situation”.

During the hearing, the minutes of the earlier prosecution hearing were read out, during which Żulczyk pointed out that President Andrzej Duda congratulated him immediately after the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. – This inconsistency, dictated in my opinion by the political sympathies of the President of the Republic of Poland, also contributed to such and not another assessment of his actions – said Żulczyk at the time.

The trial of the writer Jakub Żulczyk has startedMarcin Obara / PAP

The defense is asking for President Duda to be summoned as a witness

The next hearing is scheduled for January 5th. Then it is already planned to complete the process and deliver the final speeches. Earlier, the linguist Michał Rusinek is to be heard, and the court is to respond to the evidence conclusions of the defense, which wants, among other things, that President Andrzej Duda be called as a witness.

– Analyzing other cases of this type – in each of these cases, the head of state was interrogated, mainly on the basis of how he receives the entry – said Żulczyk’s defender, attorney Krzysztof Nowiński. He stressed, however, that this conclusion had already been formulated some time ago, when the president did not take any position on the matter.

The prosecutor’s office requested that the request be dismissed. – In the opinion of the prosecutor’s office, this evidence is irrelevant. Insulting the president is penalized, and the president cannot express his opinion as to the intention of Mr. Żulczyk, emphasized prosecutor Michał Marcinkowski.

The indictment was read out by prosecutor Michał Marcinkowski Marcin Obara / PAP

The writer commented on President Duda’s entry after the US elections

After last year’s US presidential election, President Andrzej Duda wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to Joe Biden for the successful presidential campaign; in anticipation of the nomination of the Electoral College, Poland is determined to maintain the high level and quality of strategic partnership with the US.”

This entry was commented by the writer Jakub Żulczyk. “I have never heard of a US election process having such a thing as a ‘nomination by the Electoral College.’ Biden won the election. He won 290 certain electoral votes, eventually, after recounting Georgia, he would probably get 306 to win, he needed 270. The US president-elect is “announced” by the news agencies, there is no federal central body or office governing the announcement. Everything that happens from today – the rest of the votes, electoral votes – is pure formality. Joe Biden is 46 president of the USA. Andrzej Duda is an idiot “- he wrote on Facebook.

The writer is accused of article 135 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code. For public insulting the President of the Republic of Poland, he is facing up to three years in prison.

The trial of the writer Jakub Żulczyk has startedMarcin Obara / PAP

Main photo source: Marcin Obara / PAP

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