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Warsaw. Jarosław Kaczyński painted over the plaque on the wreath in front of the Smolensk monument

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On Monday evening, Jarosław Kaczyński and his close associates appeared in front of the monument to the victims of the Smolensk disaster. The President of Law and Justice had a spray with him, with which he painted a plaque on a wreath holding his brother responsible for the tragedy. He did not respond to the police's calls.

The incident occurred on Monday, June 10, after 10 p.m. The case was described by OKO.press, which published a 10-minute video report of the event.

The recording shows the president of Law and Justice deleting a plaque attached to the wreath with black paint. Zbigniew Komosa lays flowers with the same plate every 10th day of each month. The inscription reads: “In memory of the 95 victims of Lech Kaczyński, who, ignoring all procedures, ordered the pilots to land in Smolensk in extremely difficult conditions. Rest in peace. Polish nation.”

“Sir, this is prohibited by law”

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The police are trying to stop Jarosław Kaczyński verbally. – Mr. MP, please don't do this. Mr. MP, this is prohibited by law, they say.

– It is not prohibited – replies Kaczyński and his colleagues, continuing to blur the inscription. – This is a parliamentary intervention – says the PiS president and asks the policeman: – Do you want such inscriptions to be placed on the grave of your father or grandfather?

After the spraying is finished, the politicians say the prayer “Under Your protection we fly, Holy Mother of God.”

Kaczyński wants to know who gave the order

Then Kaczyński returns to the conversation with the policemen. He asks who “gave the order to act here”? He wants to know whether it is the decision of the capital commander or the chief commander.

– This is a parliamentary intervention and please provide the names and the order… Because the order is clearly contrary to the law and morality – argues the PiS leader. The search for the commander begins. People are arguing that the sign is harmful and illegal. – Hooliganism, this is Putinada. These are Putin's people. These are Putin's theses, argues Jarosław Kaczyński, referring to the content of the inscription.

– Who gave the order to defend something that obviously defames, in this case my brother, but it is not about family relations, but about the fact that he is the President of the Republic of Poland, who died tragically. In our opinion, we are one hundred percent convinced, this is simply a victim of Putin, says Kaczyński to a policewoman who introduces herself as a commander.

– We are simply eliminating what is an obvious insult, an obvious violation of the personal rights of the deceased president – he adds. After a few minutes, the PiS politicians leave.

This is not the first time Jarosław Kaczyński has erased the plaque. A similar incident occurred a month ago.

OKO.press, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: OKO.press

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