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Warsaw. Jasna 10 – this is how the renovated tenement house looks like

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In 1944, a missile fell into the gate passage of the tenement house at 10 Jasna Street, straining the structure of the building. However, the huge tenement house survived, becoming a reminder of the great history of the street. The town hall boasted of the effects of the second stage of the renovation of the building’s facade.

The tenement house at 10 Jasna Street was built according to the design of Dawid Lande in 1903-04 for Maksymilian Harczyk. The house has two facades from Jasna and Sienkiewicz. Both have rich Art Nouveau ornaments and large shop windows on the ground floor. The facade is filled with decorations in the form of masks, heads, flowers, leaves, cornices and rustications.

In its vicinity, similar, richly decorated houses were erected, such as the headquarters of the Bank of Cooperative Societies, called the House Under the Eagles, the Warsaw Philharmonic, modeled on the Paris Opera, or, closer to Green Square, the Granzów tenement house and the Szlankier palace. Exquisite properties made Jasna one of the most elegant and refined streets of pre-war Warsaw.

The shell damaged the structure of the building

As the capital city hall reminds in the communiqué, in 1944 the fate of Jasna Street was determined by the fact that the command of the Warsaw Uprising had its headquarters there, initially at number 22, then 26 and then 9. For this reason, the street and transverse routes, including Świętokrzyska, were heavily bombed. A missile fell into the gate passage of the tenement house at Jasna 10, straining the structure of the building. However, the building was not demolished.

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After the war, in the years 1949-55, only a few houses were rebuilt in the area of ​​the practically razed junction of Jasna and Świętokrzyska Streets. It was the House Under the Eagles and the philharmonic, which gained a heavy socialist realist costume. The tenement house at Jasna 10 was probably repaired and renovated at the same time.

Renovated with city grants

The tenement house has survived in a fairly good condition to our times. Unfortunately, the plaster was cracked in many places, significant damage was also visible in the balconies. “In 2020, the housing community renovated the facade from the side of Jasna Street. The city subsidy then amounted to PLN 193,457” – the city hall calculated.

In 2022, the time has come to renovate the façade from the side of Sienkiewicza Street. It was covered with secondary cement-based plaster painted beige, heavily soiled with urban pollution. “The second stage of the renovation of such a huge façade was also possible thanks to the municipal subsidy of PLN 200,000, which was the highest amount that the applicant could receive for a single task last year,” the officials noted.

As listed, cracks and damaged architectural details have been repaired. The balustrades of the balconies were also subjected to conservation treatment. Finally, the façade was covered with plaster and painted in a light color determined by the conservators during stratigraphic studies. The metal elements of the balustrades and grilles are painted in off-black.

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Revitalization of a historic villa at Modlińska StreetCity Hall of Warsaw

Main photo source: Office of the Warsaw Conservator of Monuments

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