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Warsaw. “Kingsajz for everyone”. The “Innocent Wizards” festival begins

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“Kingsajz for everyone” – this is the motto of this year’s 18th Warsaw Festival “Innocent Wizards”. The program includes many events, including discussions, workshops, performances, concerts, stand-up and costume dancing.

– The festival is addressed to everyone, to those who were born and raised in Warsaw and to those who came to Warsaw and love this city, as well as to people who want to find out what the spirit of Warsaw is all about – said the head of Warsaw at the conference. Stefan Starzyński Institute and deputy director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, Dariusz Gawin.

“This time we refer to the cult film”

The festival program included: discussions, workshops, performances, concerts, stand-up and costume dancing.

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– In previous years, we tried to talk about the identity of this city, dwelling on subsequent moments of its history. This time we refer to Juliusz Machulski’s cult film “Kingsajz”, from 1988, which showed the final moment of the Polish People’s Republic. It was a very clear metaphor at the time, because it referred to the longing for abundance and freedom of choice, said Dariusz Gawin.

– After 30 years, the whole of Warsaw has become “Kingsajz”. It is in no way inferior to the Western capitals that were admired at that time. But this creates new problems, because abundance, wealth and freedom also cause certain problems. We will reflect on this and propose – as usual at the festival – a combination of fun and seriousness, a sentimental look with a smile and serious conversation. Everyone will find something for themselves in the rich festival program, he assured.

– “Kingsajz” from Machulski’s film is a very good metaphor, still alive. What was “Kingsajz” in 1988 has changed, but human longings do not change. In every reality, many people who think they are small want to be big and live in “Kingsayz”. The political metaphor from the late 1980s has changed to today’s: economic, social, cultural – said Gawin.

What’s on the agenda?

The festival will begin with a discussion “Zaszufladkowy” – about Warsaw stereotypes. One of the events will also be Tomek Lipiński’s concert “It will still be beautiful” on November 24 at the Palladium Theater. You will be able to hear songs from 45 years of the artist’s activity, in the bands Brygada Głos and Tilt, as well as solo performances. The guests of this concert will be Vienio and Pelsona, members of the Warsaw hip-hop group Molesta Ewenemment.

– Every concert is unique. Songs live, sometimes being polished for years. Generally, however, we stick to the basic arrangements, said Tomek Lipiński. -We are all a bit older and this music may not be as formally wild as it used to be, but it is certainly better played and sung – he added.

During the conference, Tomek Lipiński talked about his fascination with the film “Innocent Sorcerers”, from which the festival took its name. He saw it for the first time in 1961, when he was 15 years old.

– This film made a really great impression on teenage Tomek, because it showed extraordinary people who created their own world in the realities of the Polish People’s Republic. They innocently conjured up a beautiful world in a very unbeautiful setting. This is extremely important – said Tomek Lipiński at the conference.

The festival will start on November 16 and last until November 30. Its organizers are the Warsaw Uprising Museum, the Stefan Starzyński Institute and the Capital City of Warsaw.

Main photo source: PAP/Andrzej Lange

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