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Warsaw, Koszykowa. 25 parking signs on a 350-meter street

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25 parking signs were counted by our journalist on the 370-meter section of Koszykowa Street. The spokesman of the Municipal Roads Authority explains that the regulations require the marking of parking spaces in the paid parking zone and – if there are any breaks in the lane – the beginning and the end must be marked.

It is a fragment of Koszykowa between Na Rozdrożu and Mokotowska squares, which – according to Google Maps – is approximately 370 meters long.

At this point, we deal with different types of parking spaces – one can park in parallel and a bit further diagonally. Any such change must be preceded by an appropriate vertical sign. In addition, there are also those informing about the end of the parking zone or about a place for people with disabilities. Some of them are also dedicated to specific institutions: the Polish Post Office or the embassy. Each such situation is another sign with an appropriate sign.

Effect? So while walking along this section of Koszykowa, we come across a road sign every few meters. Is Koszykowa doomed to a signosis? Do the signs work when they are so dense? Is everyone essential? We asked the spokesman of the Municipal Roads Authority, Jakub Dybalski.

– The regulations require the marking of parking spaces in the paid parking zone. So if there are any gaps in the parking lane, for example, intersections, exits, envelopes (have different dimensions), etc. it marks the beginning and the end. Additionally, the mentioned envelopes are marked separately. Hence the multitude of characters with “P” – explained Dybalski.

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We also asked whether the solution could be to equate vertical and horizontal marking in the law. – You can probably imagine regulations that do not enforce such a “mark”. Maybe not necessarily by completely resigning from vertical signs, but for example marking the section on such a sign with parallel parking spaces – said Dybalski. However, he made a reservation that it was a matter of changing the regulations, which was beyond the competences of ZDM.

The city does not plan to rebuild or standardize parking in this section. – On this fragment, parking was arranged in this form a few years ago – said Dybalski. And he added that it would be more effective … additional stupor, because drivers often park diagonally in places where parallel parking is provided.

Main photo source: Piotr Bakalarski

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