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Warsaw. Ladybug – the security guard suspected the Indian of theft

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– After I bought a bottle of water in Biedronka, I was physically attacked by the branch manager and store security. They repeatedly carried out aggressive body searches and pulled my clothes up, reports Indranil Saha, a British Indian. The chain of stores did not answer our questions and referred … to the social media post.

The editorial staff of Kontakt 24 was contacted by Mr. Indranil Saha, who introduced himself as a British Indian of Indian origin. He was on vacation in Warsaw. He described the unpleasant situation that happened to him at the end of August in Biedronka at the Warszawa Wschodnia railway station. After he bought a bottle of water, he says, he was attacked by a manager and a security guard. – I had the receipt in my hand, but before the attack I was not asked any questions and I kept it in my hand in view. They didn’t ask for it and ignored it. They repeatedly conducted aggressive body searches, pulled my clothes up to show my naked skin in front of many other clients. At the same time, I was pushed all the time by the store manager from the rear and security from the front – he described.

Two days after the incident, he added that he visited the store again. – The deputy manager, Katarzyna, after watching the video surveillance, confirmed the above sequence of events that took place in the store – she reports.

Saha reported the matter to the police, but he said he was told there would be no investigation. He was suggested to take civil action. He also reported the matter to Biedronka, and also described it on his profile on LinkedIn. The company replied in a comment: “Dear Indranil, we are sorry to hear about your troubles. We have already started to investigate what exactly happened and why. We will be back to provide you with all the necessary details on this matter.”


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Ladybug: we regret the event

We asked the network why the employees behaved in this way, as well as whether such behavior is standard and whether, in Biedronka’s opinion, it was correct. We wanted to know if and what consequences would be drawn against the manager and the security guard.

Biedronka replied casually: they are investigating the matter, and their official comment is the one left under the LinkedIn entry. A few days later, we repeated the questions. Almost two weeks have passed since the events – this is the time that should be enough to thoroughly check the described situation. But the network’s press office did not address any of our questions. “Immediately after receiving the first signal, we subjected this matter to a thorough analysis, giving its explanation an absolute priority. We regret the incident that should not have happened, and we directed our deepest apologies to our client” – we read in the response.

“Security staff are required to clarify all cases where they have doubts as to whether the customer had hidden goods for which they did not pay, regardless of skin color, gender, age, religion or any other factor. This is standard procedure in all retail stores – no only in the Biedronka network “- the network explained further. And she added that the recording from the surveillance cameras has been secured and “if necessary, it will be made available to the relevant services.”

Police: We got a report of theft

In turn, the spokeswoman for the North Prague headquarters, Irmina Sulich, confirmed that on August 25 the police had a report from Biedronka at the Warszawa Wschodnia Railway Station. – We got a notification from the store security about the theft that was supposed to be made by a foreigner. The store, however, canceled this intervention before our arrival, Sulich said. She also noted that there was no report from an injured foreigner regarding this case at the police station.

We also described the incident our reader – a Belarusian living in Poland for over a decade – experienced in the subway:

Conversation between a security guard and a man who did not have a ticket TVN24

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