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Warsaw. Lawyer Robert Nowaczyk, a shark of reprivatisation, the hero of the reprivatisation scandal, is dead

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Robert Nowaczyk, a lawyer and one of the main protagonists of the reprivatization scandal, died on Thursday, the tvnwarszawa.pl portal found out. He was 55 years old.

– I received information from the family that Robert Nowaczyk passed away today around 2 pm – attorney Jacek Gutkowski, who represented the deceased in court, confirmed to us.

He participated in dozens of reprivatisations

Robert Nowaczyk was a well-known Warsaw lawyer. Patryk Jaki, who led the work of the parliamentary commission for wild reprivatisation, repeatedly emphasized that he was a key witness. The lawyer participated in 46 real estate return processes.

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According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Nowaczyk managed to obtain about PLN 96 million in damages for his clients, over 40 tenement houses and plots of land, often in great locations. In addition, he himself invested in claims, e.g. rights to a tenement house and two plots of land on Zamkowy Square.

Nowaczyk himself spoke during one of the meeting of the verification commission, that the total amount of claims reported by him reached a billion zlotys.

His clients included Marzena K., Grzegorz M. and Janusz P., who wanted to take over the plot at Plac Defilad (pre-war address Chmielna 70). The outbreak of the so-called the reprivatisation scandal.

He was called by the media a “reprivatization shark”, but he himself said that he was “only a modest lawyer and investor”.

Robert Nowaczyk is deadMarcin Obara/PAP

Accused by the Wrocław prosecutor’s office

Nowaczyk was one of nine people which the Wrocław prosecutor’s office charged in October 2017 in connection with crimes related to the reprivatization of Warsaw real estate. Some of the crimes covered by the indictment concerned corruption, and the indictment showed that Nowaczyk was allegedly involved in this procedure, but he was not charged. After being detained by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, he cooperated with the prosecutor’s office and made very extensive explanations, the protocols of which from several interrogations total over 200 pages.

The prosecutor’s office accused Nowaczyk of unfavorable disposal of the property of the heirs of the former owner of the property at Morszyńska 27 and the property in Kościelisko. From February 2017 to August 2018, Nowaczyk was arrested.

The trial in this case is ongoing, the next court dates have been set for September.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP

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