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Warsaw. Lindley’s plans on the internet. Waterworks were built on their basis

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The plans of Warsaw from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries found their way to the city map service. The documents come from the Lindley collection, developed for the construction of the sewage and water supply network in the capital. You can find information on the terrain, signs of wooden and brick buildings, public utility buildings and green areas.

The collection of Lindley’s Plans has more than seven thousand sheets, prepared between 1883-1915. It is considered one of the greatest works of world cartography and geodesy. Nowadays, they are a valuable source of information about the development, land development and infrastructure of Warsaw from the beginning of the 20th century. “Due to their accuracy, detail and cartometry, they are a high-class cartographic study, but at the same time a unique work of art” – emphasizes the capital city hall.

A handwritten color plan in the scale 1: 2500, developed in the form of several dozen sheets in the years 1896-1906, was added to the city map service. “In order to be able to present them on the website, individual sheets were calibrated after scanning, i.e. embedded in the geographic coordinate system and loaded into the database” – explain the officials.

Four time frames superimposed on modern layers

The plans have been grouped into four separate layers. The division was made on the basis of the content and dates of preparation. Users of the map service can find them in the following ranges: 1896-1906, 1897, 1897-1901 and 1900-1901. The City Hall emphasizes that the material superimposed in this way on contemporary map layers is a good starting point for all kinds of research on the spatial development of Warsaw.

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We will gain access to the plans by visiting the website www.mapa.um.warszawa.pl. They were included in the historical cartographic material “Historyczna”. After entering this category, in the upper right corner of the map, select the “photos” view option, then a list with the time interval will unfold. When we select one of the ranges mentioned above, we will see digitized Lindley sheets.


Lindley’s plans went to the city map servicemapa.um.warszawa.pl

The maps were created in connection with the construction of waterworks

Lindley’s plans were developed for the construction of Warsaw’s waterworks, carried out under the supervision of William Heerlein Lindley, under an agreement concluded by his father William Lindley with the city of Warsaw during the presidency of Socrates Starynkiewicz. The plans, depending on their scale and type, contain information about the terrain, wooden and brick buildings, public utility buildings, green areas, water supply and sewage systems, police and mortgage numbers, and sometimes also names of property owners. You can find traces of later updates and planning work.

As part of the development of the plans, 187.4 km of streets were measured, on a scale of 1: 200, 312 quarters of streets with an area of ​​1684 ha were scanned, and large areas outside the city limits in scales of 1: 500 and 1: 1000. In the State Archives in Warsaw, there are 7,414 plan sheets.

Materials in the scale of 1: 2500, posted on the city map service, supplement the plan previously published there in the scale of 1: 250 from the same collection.

We also informed about the tree crown map created by the town hall:

“Map of the Tree Crowns is the only and the first project on such a scale in our country”Warsaw City Hall

Main photo source: mapa.um.warszawa.pl

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