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Warsaw. Line 165 will run more frequently during the morning rush hour

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From next Monday, February 27, line 165 will run more frequently during the morning rush hour, announced the Public Transport Authority. In addition, the line will be powered by additional 12-metre buses.

“From next Monday, line 165 will run more frequently during the morning rush hour. The line will be powered by additional 12-meter buses. Between 6.40-8.20, the frequency of running towards the Wilanowska metro will be about 10 minutes” – informed ZTM.

More courses through an unusual solution

In order to increase the number of courses, ZTM will introduce an unusual solution. – We will use the bus line 331 returning to Wilanowska. The bus line 331 in the morning is used mainly by employees of companies located in Wyczółki – there are many passengers and the buses run every 10 minutes. However, in the other direction, going towards Wilanowska, they take few passengers. Therefore, in some courses from Wilanowska, buses 331 will take a shorter route to the Wyczółki terminus and return to the Metro Wilanowska terminus as 165 via Kłobucka Street. This will allow to increase the frequency of buses on line 165 in the morning peak towards the metro, said Tomasz Kunert, ZTM spokesman.

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– Buses serving these additional courses will be vehicles with a length of 12 meters (because such vehicles run on line 331; standard 165 are served by articulated buses) – he added.

The people wanted change

– I am very happy that the ZTM published very good information for the residents of the housing estates at Kłobucka about increasing the frequency of line 165 in the morning, and all this before submitting a petition together with Paweł Nowocień regarding the improvement of communication services for the housing estates at Kłobucka and Poloneza, under which Only at this moment, 943 people signed – said the councilor of Ursynów, Paweł Lenarczyk.

He reminded that at the Green Ursynów Commission in December, he appealed to ZTM to improve communication for these housing estates.

– In a word: the pressure makes sense and it is thanks to the great commitment of the residents, for which I am very grateful. Now we are waiting for similar actions, this time which will improve the communication situation for the residents of the estate at Poloneza. As promised, I am submitting our petition to the ZTM at the beginning of March – said Lenarczyk

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