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Warsaw. LiveChat with Rafał Trzaskowski. Questions & Answers

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When will we go to Wilanów by tram? What about the deadline for completing the track renovation on Kasprzak? The virtual meeting of President Rafał Trzaskowski with the inhabitants of the capital was dominated by questions about public transport. The topic of the Clean Transport Zone also came up.

The online meeting started at 5:30 p.m. It was possible ask Rafał Trzaskowski a question in a comment under the post on his FB profile both before and during the chat.

Questions about trams

Residents asked, among others: about ongoing tram investments. “When will the renovation of the tram line to Kasprzak be completed? When is the tram line to Wilanów planned to be put into operation?” – such questions were repeated most often.

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As for the tram to Kasprzak, the work will be completed in the first quarter of this year. But if the weather permits, the trams will start earlier. As for the route to Wilanów – from mid-2024, the contractor will gradually make the rebuilt streets in Dolny Mokotów available. The second roadway of Spacerowa and Goworka streets is to be opened at the turn of June and July. At the turn of May and June, the second road on Gagarina Street will be opened. At the end of the first half of the year, at the intersections with Witosa and Wilanowska, road traffic will be carried through newly built, ready tram tracks – said the president.

Construction of the subway

The meeting participants also discussed topics related to connecting Ursus with the center and a better network of connections in the district. There were also questions about traffic management on Puławska Street.

There was also a question about the subway. “Dear Mr. President! I came to Warsaw to study. I am full of admiration for how efficiently the Warsaw Metro works. However, I would like to ask why the development of the metro, at least from the outside, looks very slow?” – shared Mr. Piotr. Rafał Trzaskowski explained that a tender for designs for the first stage of the M3 line is currently underway, and the issue of further expansion of the metro system, and thus the M4 line, will be discussed at the next budget session.

Clean Transport Zone

During the meeting with Rafał Trzaskowski, there were also questions about the Clean Transport Zone. In December 2023, the Warsaw Council adopted a resolution to introduce this zone from July 1 this year. in parts of Śródmieście and other central districts.

“A typical family with two children who lives in SCT and has a car that does not meet the requirements for driving around their own neighborhood, what should they do to continue leading a normal life?” – asked one of the residents. The President reminded that the residents of Warsaw, including the zones, have an additional 4 years to adapt to the SCT requirements – for them the zone will come into force on January 1, 2028.

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