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Warsaw. Local elections 2024. Tobiasz Bocheński wants changes to the Warsaw Act. What is it about?

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Tobiasz Bocheński, the Law and Justice candidate for the mayor of Warsaw, presented his vision of reorganizing the office. Proposes changes to the Warsaw Act. He wants to limit the powers of the mayor of the capital and transfer some of them to the districts. Mayors would also be elected differently.

– Warsaw is a unique city for many reasons, and one of them is the fact that it has its own law organizing its system and functioning – emphasized Bocheński at the press conference.

He assessed that at the moment in the capital we are dealing with centralization of power and “dependence” on the mayor. – The president, with his authorizations, decides on financial resources and has the de facto right to incapacitate districts. This means that democratically elected councilors and the mayor they choose may not have the competence to solve important problems for the district for five years, even though he is closest to them, he explained.

In his opinion, there is a systemic pathology in Warsaw in which certain mayors have a lot of competences and decide on very large funds, while at the same time others who are not liked by the mayor have no competences and less funds flow to their districts.

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More power for districts

– We are supporters of reforming this system, taking away some of the powers from the mayor of Warsaw and transferring them closer to the residents – to the districts – he said. In his opinion, such a solution is not decentralization, which will introduce anarchy and chaos in Warsaw. – This is a solution that will introduce micromanagement (…). He will leave the most important, structural projects that determine the development of the entire city to the president, he said.

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Councilor Błażej Poboży pointed out that “each district is often a community of over 100,000.” – Why are mayors in small towns chosen by the voters, while in Warsaw they are elected in accordance with the will of the local leader of the ruling Civic Platform in Warsaw? With these changes to the Warsaw Act, we would like the residents to decide on the election of district mayors – he emphasized.

He noted that in the capital we are dealing with “full-time mayors” who – when they do not perform well in one district – are transferred to another.

In-app consultations

Bocheński also referred to public consultations. – We also offer real, real public consultations. No more façade, he emphasized.

He referred to the application he proposed and which, in his opinion, should enable contact with the office and participation in consultations on his smartphone. – Too often, controversial projects are adopted, considered over-consulted, and then have to be withdrawn – he added.

– We believe that we should hold local referenda (…). We want the group of residents who collect the appropriate number of signatures to have the right to submit their question to the referendum. And if the turnout requirement is met, it should be binding on the president, he said.

Korwin-Mikke about money

A conference was also held in Warsaw by Janusz Korwin-Mikke, the candidate of the “Bezpartisan” election committee for the president of Warsaw. It concerned an “LGBT hostel”. Korwin-Mikke said that he had nothing “against the Lambda foundation as such”, but it was about a certain phenomenon. “This is where money from the public purse goes for gender-related purposes – for homosexuals, for heterosexuals, for transgender people. As the mayor of Warsaw, I will not give a single zloty for these purposes, because gender issues are people’s private matter,” he said.

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In his opinion, “if there is a foundation that is very respectable and collects money from private people, let it collect it, but public money should not be used for such activities.” “We will not finance differences or opposition, because that is not what taxpayers’ money is for.” – said the candidate.

Elections in less than a month

The local elections will be held on April 7. The second round of direct elections of commune heads, mayors and city presidents is scheduled for April 21.

In addition to Tobiasz Bocheński and Janusz Korwin-Mikke, the current president of the capital Rafał Trzaskowski – as the KO candidate, Magdalena Biejat – the candidate of the Left and Urban Movements, and Przemysław Wipler – the candidate of Confederation, are running for the office of president of Warsaw.

Main photo source: TVN24

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