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Warsaw. Local government elections 2024. Results of elections to the Warsaw Council. List of councilors

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The votes cast for candidates for the Warsaw Council have been counted. The Civic Coalition won 37 seats, Law and Justice – 15, and the Left – eight.

According to data published on Monday on the official website of the National Electoral Commission (PKW), 360,655 people voted for the Civic Coalition's candidates in Sunday's elections. This represents 47.02 percent. votes cast and resulted in 37 seats in the 60-seat Warsaw Council.

Law and Justice received 170,392 votes, or 22.22 percent. 15 councilors were elected from this list.

In turn, the Left was supported by 102,099 voters, i.e. 13.30 percent. This committee will have eight seats.

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Third Road without a representative in the Warsaw Council

The following committees will not have any councilors in the Warsaw Council: Trzecia Droga PSL – Polska 2050, which received 60,715 votes (7.92%); Konfederacja i Niepartyjni Samorządowcy with 41,275 votes (5.38%); Bezpartyjni Election Commission, which received 21,550 votes (2.81%); Ruch Naprawy Polski with 5,112 votes (0.67%); Together for Warsaw – 4,867 votes (0.63%); Agata Tobolczyk's committee – 392 votes (0.05%).

The turnout in the elections to the Warsaw Council was 58.86%. The highest was in Wilanów – 65.37 percent, and the lowest in Praga-Północ – 52.20 percent.

PO (now KO) has had a majority in the Warsaw Council for years. The 2014 Warsaw Council elections were won by PO, winning 33 seats, PiS winning 24 seats, and SLD introducing two councilors. The Warsaw Local Government Community won one seat.

Four years later, in the 2018 elections, KO won 40 seats, PiS – 19, and one seat went to the SLD Lewica Razem coalition. During the term, there were changes and Monika Jaruzelska, who was the only councilor representing the Left, resigned from representing the party and became an unaffiliated councilor. PiS councilor Sebastian Kędzierski was expelled from the party for voting differently from the rest of the club. In turn, the following councilors were expelled from the KO club for abstaining from voting on the adoption of the 2022 budget: Marek Szolc and Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska, who joined the group of non-affiliated councilors. The fifth non-executive is Maria Jęda, who replaced Olga Semeniuk from PiS when she became an MP.

Composition of the new Warsaw Council:

In electoral district no. 1covering Śródmieście and Ochota, the mandates went to three representatives of the Civic Coalition: Agnieszka Gierzyńska-Kierwińska (a councilor of Śródmieście) and Joanna Staniszkis and Anna Nehrebecka-Byczewska (both were already city councilors).

From PiS, Filip Frąckowiak (current city councilor) and Grażyna Wereszczyńska, who will make her debut in the Warsaw Council, will receive a mandate in this district.

From the Left, Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska was re-elected for another term.

In electoral district no. 2covering Praga Południe, the mandate from the Civic Coalition was given to: Marcin Kluś from the South Praga district council, Dorota Lutomirska, Justyna Zając and Paweł Lech (city councillors).

The support of voters was also received by: the first party of Law and Justice – Damian Kowalczyk (district councilor) and Martyna Jałoszyńska from the Left.

In electoral district no. 3, covering Mokotów, the winners were: Marta Jabłońska, Jarosław Szostakowski, Małgorzata Zakrzewska, Joanna Wiśniewska-Najgebauer from the Civic Coalition. Jacek Cieślikowski and journalist Michalina Szymborska got in from the Law and Justice lists. The left received one mandate in this district. It was won by Melania Łuczak (activist of the Miasto Jest Nasze association, district councilor).

In constituency no. 4, covering Wola, from the Civic Coalition the mandate was given to: current councilor Renata Niewitecka, Mariusz Budziszewski and district councilor Krystian Wilk.

PiS will be represented by Maciej Binkowski, and the Left by Zofia Smełka-Leszczyńska.

In electoral district no. 5 covering Bielany and Żoliborz, the Civic Coalition will be represented by: Piotr Wertenstein-Żuławski (chairman of the Żoliborz district council), current councilors Agnieszka Wywał and Renata Królak, and the debuting Agata Korc.

Dariusz Figura will return to the Warsaw Council on behalf of Law and Justice, and Marta Szczepańska on behalf of the Left.

In electoral district no. 6 covering Białołęka, the following people were elected to the Warsaw Council from the Civic Coalition: current councilor Magdalena Roguska, former councilors Agnieszka Borowska and Anna Auksel-Sekutowicz, and debutant Elżbieta Łaniewska.

PiS will be represented by the former mayor of Praga Północ – Wojciech Zabłocki.

In electoral district no. 7 covering Rembertów, Wesoła and Wawer, the Civic Coalition in the Warsaw Council will be represented by: Sławomir Potapowicz and Ewa Janczar and the debutant – Sandra Spinkiewicz.

PiS received two seats in this district. They will be given to: councilor Piotr Szyszko and Barbara Socha, who served as the representative of Mateusz Morawiecki's government.

In electoral district no. 8 from the Civic Coalition lists, the winners were: the chairwoman of the city council – Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska, who received 27,823 votes, Sylwia Krajewska, district councilor from Ursynów, Michał Matejka, also associated with Ursynów, and Agnieszka Miękwicz and Iwona Pawłowska.

PiS included Tobiasz Bocheński, who was running for president of Warsaw, and Chrystian Młynarek, former Italian councilor, and Karolina Zioło-Pużuk from the Left.

In electoral district no. 9 including Bemowo and Ursus, from the lists of the Civic Coalition, in the Warsaw Council we will see: Jarosław Jóźwiak (former vice-president of Warsaw), district councilor Patrycja Czerska, and Joanna Krzemień and Magdalena Gogol. Councilor Tomasz Herbich won from PiS, and Kamila Gołębiowska from the Left.

In electoral district no. 10 covering Targówek and Praga Północ from the Civic Coalition was won by councilors Iwona Wujastyk, Tomasz Sybilski and Beata Michalec. In this district, Jan Mencwel, an activist from the Miasto Jest Nasza association, and PiS councilors Alicja Żebrowska and Piotr Mazurek, also won a mandate.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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